Can you hear me now?


Okay, first a quick check-in.  We’ve had 10 inches of rain here in 36 hours – 10!  That would be a lot.  While honestly all is well, a flood warning has been issued and schools are closed today.  It’s best to just stay in.  Oh, the symbolism.  I also awoke feeling… well…

Let’s just say my son is caring for me.  What a lovely switch and teaching moment this is.  I am though determined to get through this step with love, ease, grace and… together – so I write.  I am coming to a few a-ha’s in absolute humility.  When one is slowed down in this way, a few things become crystal clear.  Ghee the Universe has a weird way of teaching.  So here we go…

I have for years had an Earth bound teacher that I’ve been able to turn to when I get a bit stuck.  A reference.  Over the years, the teachers (Caroline Myss, Abraham, Tolle, Sanaya Roman, Shakti Gawain, Matt Kahn, Lisa Brown, Sandra Walter and so many more) have changed.  No, I don’t know them personally yet… we are connected.  We do know each other.  At times I’d seek out their guidance (via a book, youtube or online) a lot… and other times not at all.  So it’s interesting now because as I went to get an external pulse – what others are experiencing – I thought, okay kiddoe, you’re on your own… yet, not.  We have unlimited support and know enough to get through this step, too.  One can read/listen all day long to others but you must pull in and pull your own wisdom out.  Right now many are referencing the bliss/energy… yet for me…

I saw the irony after my last post. I was ready for the September energy and then bam… I got it alright.  It just hasn’t been what I thought.  And that is this journey.  The two mega blasts earlier this year felt so… high, surreal, blissful and we anchored that light/energy.  I am sure the third one will, too.  Yet what if I/we are feeling the current energy, just in a very different way.  This is one of the issues with blogging/real time writing… as I figure it out – understanding/truth changes.  So, as usual, take what you read with a grain of salt.  This is my, yet our, process and there is no wrong way to do this.  I guess this is the role I chose to play but trust that I am also making changes to it in each new moment.

I’m realizing from my reading many years ago, I held a belief that illness was a spiritual no no and a sign of dis-ease.  Bullshirt, lol.  These are new times and I’ve held off this teaching/lesson till now.  Even today many write as if you’ve done something or are not pure enough as your body assimilates.  I’ve been blessed with a life of health so this is an awakening in itself.  And this too shall pass.  While I was over feeling and writing on this after the first day, this blog at times documents the process, so I continue to write.  So thank you for reading, loving and supporting me through this phase since I started this blog with the intention of sharing only angelic inspiration.  Well, this is, too.  I do know the only way to get me to slow down to this pace is to provide this, go to bed, feeling so this step must be pretty important.  (Like I’ve tried to move along and keep coming back to it.)  As I mediated in bed, I will not call it crap/yuck/illness because that is hardly what is inside me.  I see light, love and movement.  Yet either I or someone in my soul group just  isn’t getting this (lol) because the Universe keeps sending me back to bed.

So, let’s move on…  This has been an interesting week because as I step back, I can observe a repeating theme.  What do you do when your power/tv/gas/health/guidance/loved one/ _______ you can fill in your own blank, something that you have taken for granted yet used or had, has been taken away?  This does seem like a time of thinning… and seeing how does one respond.

This next part I wrote last night.  It was just a moment, yet a nice one.

Oh boy.  I’m not sure many will understand yet I am typing away.  Years ago when the channeling flood gates opened for me, after some time I identified what seemed like a home frequency.  No question seemed, silly, too small or irrelevant.  It was crystal clear, patient and very healing.  Out of all the energy I was able to access (because there is a lot of variety and it can be quite fun to hear so many perspectives), it was my favorite.  While not recently, I have shared that this past year or so that frequency has been quiet.  Honestly, I can only recall two times that we’ve caught up.  For me with this home frequency, it’s not only the messages I hear, it’s the feeling.

I wasn’t warned that it would get quiet and in some ways I almost didn’t realize since the Universe taught and guided me in other ways and I was very grateful for this.  Honestly, I still remember the first day I channeled for several hours (verses just getting random knowings/messages) and was at such peace afterwards. I just got an opportunity to experience, Heaven.  I was thinking even if I was not able to again, I was… Blessed.

So last night as I was walking through the house, I heard… Can you hear me now?  Yet it wasn’t outside me and coming through me (how channeling felt to me), it was me… and I knew I was, home.  Well, always have been.

I do on occasion write on how I just wanted to be a bit more psychic… and what a wild ride this has been since that request.  In my journey, maybe because I was hard headed, this has been a passage of non-stop surprises and discoveries. Blessed is one who knows/trusts their intuition.  Often one will be gifted with this and happy.  Some are psychic, can channel and stay with this gift.  I guess I’ve been sampling a variety of abilities for several years now.

I, like many, have done the work/joy yet had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I often write/recap just to remind on how diverse and thorough this journey can be.  I’ve worked on balancing the divine feminine and masculine, the light and dark, my earthly reality with the multidimensional, reclaiming my soul, and then my higher self.  Then even embodying a Universe.  Working through both extremes of my mind, emotions and body.  The highs… the silence… and the moments of struggle and shattering.  Then shape shifting soul aspects and then letting that go, too.  For what seems like quite some time (yet it’s not) it has been about embodying and waking up/allowing a light body to form.  While that might sound, woo woo… this is a process that can happen naturally.  I do though feel that persistence yet not pushing got me here.  At any point one can stop.  I will also say that my mind has not always understood this process.  I often just let go – I don’t need to be an expert.  I have though read other’s accounts.  It’s as if they are a very different… ascending being, here on Earth.  I’ll just say I still feel blessed to be pretty human and I am very okay with this.

So this was just a teaser and I knew it.  A reminder of what is to come.  This is a process of unfolding for all of us.  I chuckled though.  Spirit often talks to me through songs, movies, tv shows and commercials jingles.  Recently the spokesperson that was with VerizonCan you hear me now? has changed to Sprint.  Hmm… from off in my horizon to the Spirit that is me.  So I will share a short message:

The choices are now yours.  Decisions have now been made.  How will you… play?  We recommend that you play in all that you do.  Please don’t be too serious.

As I was looking for a picture for this post, I was coming to a thought.  I do have several unanswered questions from the past few months/year.  It has been about reaching out and connecting with others yet also pulling in and knowing and… to function from this place.  While I’ve read this is a time of embodiment… I actually think I went through that some time ago when I embodied my higher self.  The above quote/picture seemed to answer a question I’ve more recently had – feeling my soul leave my body.  My mind wanted to know how in the heck could a body function without a soul.  Like this is as important as your brain and heart.  I haven’t  felt soul less though.  So… maybe when you get to a certain point, you are truly everything… connected to all.  Maybe you don’t need a soul in it’s entirety in a physical form.  Sound strange?  Possibly.  Yet after I typed this I realized how amazing and freeing this truly is.  Cosmic!  So I think for me, this is not embodiment, this is disembodiment… and boy is my body feeling it, lol.  Letting go in now taking on a new, deeper meaning.  I can also already imagine that this word choice can be perceived in a variety of ways.  But seriously… are you still reading?   This is more than enough for now.

For whatever reason I’ll add this.  Listed or not, thank you to all the teachers/forerunners/change makers.  While there are more recent lists, here’s 2011:


13 comments on “Can you hear me now?

  1. Sending YOU much Love and Healing Vibes my friend!! We did get a Huge dose of the Bliss Energy, maybe all the down time is the integrating process huh!?
    The loud toning in my ears finally lifted yesterday around 3, and Boy was that some kind of relief! The Mack Truck Syndrome, not quite yet, but with continued Self Care, this too shall pass! The Bliss Energy is on it’s way back…I FEEL It….yay, woohoo, and yippee 🙂
    Until next time….Know that YOU are deeply Loved and Appreciated ❤

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  2. Sending YOU Love and Healing Vibes my friend!!! We did get a huge dose of “The Bliss Energy”, I suppose all this down time is for integrating huh!? It’s on it’s way back “THE BLISS”….I feel it!! The loud toning in my ears finally lifted around 3 yesterday, and BOY that was some kind of relief, the Mack Truck Syndrome not quite yet, but continued SELF CARE will render relief from this as well!!
    Be well and know that YOU are deeply appreciated and loved ❤

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  3. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    I can relate to that we are sometimes forced to just rest. Currently my twisted ankle has flared up again. It pisses me off that I won’t be able to take a walk on the weekend. But maybe it is good for something. Maybe it means that I should just rest.
    Reminds me of March 2016, when many people (in my country) were sick with some fluish cold and were forced to rest for two weeks or so.
    Hope you get better soon.

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  4. It has been an up a down roller coaster ride the last few days. Monday, I was experiencing dizziness on and off all day, went home after work and fell asleep for 2 and a half hours. Yesterday I felt more upbeat and today I am back to body aches and tiredness. Phew! Are we having fun yet lol!

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