I sit in silence.  I focus on my breath and then my heartbeat.  I feel peace.  Happiness.  I know… everything will be okay.  I smile… since I know it will be more than just, okay.

This is an interesting time as I seem to sense it all.  The exhaustion, the crisis, overload… and the blissful hush.  Underneath all of this, is a new birth.

Now is not a time to forget our dreams, passion and what we love.  While we might be in the unknown… all are accounted for and will be provided for.  No one is being left out.

While one can use words like let go, surrender, trust…  yet, have you?  It is our nature.

So just do the best you can.  Shift if you can.  More than we realize, a web is weaving us all together right now… well, always.  So focus on your breath and heartbeat.  We are in the hands of the beloved.  So… be loved.

7 comments on “Beloved

  1. Lovely, Molly. “We are in the hands of the Beloved. So … be loved.” I love that line. Have a sweet weekend of being loved. ❤

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  2. Do you see how much the universe loves and serves you? After so much turbulence as you went through the energetic corridor created by the recent eclipses, you are now presented with a day that locks in your progress and offers the energies of balance and harvest.
    You are never given more than you can handle, nor does any energy last one second longer than what is required to assist you on your path of evolution and expansion. You have now integrated energies that are unprecedented on your planet and would have been completely unsustainable in your physical bodies just a few short years ago. You have developed a far greater ability to move with the energies as you have become more accustomed to the shift, purge, and integrate pattern, as well.
    We suggest you make this a day to honour your continued success as an enlightening human being on an ascending planet. It is a day to honour your ability to move back into balance, which reflects your growth and spiritual maturity. You are truly remarkable beings for all that you have accomplished and you are loved and celebrated for your essential and willing role in it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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