Blue Skies


This will be short kiddoes’ since life is happening… (always).  While my mind is whirling with a variety of topics to discuss, I’m just picking one as a reminder.  As I drove yesterday, I kept seeing large clouds with a perfect circle in the middle of them, showing the divine blue sky.  I now wished I’d stopped and taken pictures to share since it was unique and beautiful.  I did take this picture a few years ago and chuckled…. as if Spirit was peaking down. 

So… yes, portals are open.  While we think this is outside of us and might be felt that way, they are also inside of us.  They are there for you to let yourself in.  If you can, get outside and be reminded of your nature.  The sun (your heart), wind (your breath).  Make time to downshift/rest/meditate.  Sleep if you need to or even if you don’t think you need to.  The range of emotions, physical body stuff and events that might come into your energy is the widest, wildest I’ve ever felt.  From sheer bliss to absolute despair.  So… choose your vibration (thoughts, experiences) wisely and honor your process.  Detachment/being neutral/letting go does also work right now.  We are in the unknown yet, we do know.

Here today, nothing but blue skies… (singing).  For many of us, this past month has not been easy and while I’ve thought several times well, we are done with this now and moving along… it seemed as if another moment or serving was, dished.  We are moving along though and this step is important.  No fear, worry, confusion or overthinking.  Relax, breathe, be.  A new clean slate is being made available to us and soon you will see this.

I’ll write more soon.  I ❤ you!

Blue skies… smiling on we… nothing but blue skies…. from now on.  Call this energy to you.  🙂

P.S.  A lot of heart… well, it can be felt as labored breathing, having to go slow, so respond accordingly.  While my mind and spirit is in such a good place, my body still seems to be adjusting/catching up.

6 comments on “Blue Skies

  1. Molly GaeaIlona is Annette, new WordPress account, posting with Google was at times ridiculous! I ❤️ You, sorry for any confusion 😜


    • I was going to tell you while I have google added somehow I still haven’t learned how to use it. At times, simple is best for me, lol. I NEVER even thought I’d blog. Adamantly denied it for some time yet, not since. A time and place for everything. 🙂 Yah, so welcome to wordpress!

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  2. Whoa….I am feeling such an incredible “Movement” , yet not, Am I coming, or going, am I here or there kinda feeling…..lost but yet found, it’s super intense! When I speak here or there I’m thinking that I’m actually BOTH, AND IM OKAY WITH IT, IM NAVIGATING SOME AMAZING ENERGIES…..All is well 💗

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