On a roll.  I write when it flows.  There was something I needed to surrender today.  Trust that my word choice means something.  Let go = let go.  Literally.  Drop it, slam dunk it, donate it, send it on its way… with a smile.  It can be easy and quick.  Forget about it (with accent).  I do understand at times easier said than done.  Detachment = be neutral.  It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just best to remain very open.  Surrender = S……  something is about to get real up in here, lol.  It is like a knee dropping moment.  It is not defeat.  Far from it.  It is a very divine and special moment.  You came here to have these moments.  Knowing that you have done the absolute best you could and you are to hand it over to Spirit/God/Source/The Universe.

And then… you trust and wait… yet, not really.  You just free up the energy so you can move on.

Interesting since my knee felt weak and then my lower back felt stiff.  Lower back issues for me are often a sign of support or, do you feel supported.  Well… we are loved and supported more than we often remember.

So I stepped outside and I could see a different hue as I looked to the sky.  I smiled.

A blanket cloud then rolled in and I knew I was, covered.  The Universe has our back.  No worry, fear, sadness… just gratitude and love.  I AM!

I also think of one of my first posts so I will share:

And… UPDATE:  Just found this, synch, haven’t watched yet but I am sure, divine.  Surrender to Love – Matt Kahn:

(First pic found online.)

8 comments on “Surrender

  1. I am on the Matt Kahn newsletter, so rarely miss a video. I have a question… if I was offered a sponsor to my site, should I transfer my Blog to to be able to have ads? It would be a lot of work (and cost) to transfer the site. I paid for until this coming April when it was time to renew my site (to get rid of ads.) I also don’t know if I get enough traffic yet, to keep a sponsor.

    Should I wait still next April and then transfer my site to with a monthly host? Hoping that other Sponsors will come as I grow as a site. I really don’t think I have enough traffic yet, to keep a Sponsor for long, then it would be costly to get a web host when I already paid for WordPress with no Ads for this year.

    Do you have advice?

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    • Haha… I swear I signed up some time ago but I haven’t received a newsletter… (yet). Awe… thanks for asking but I think… YOU will be able to answer your question. I use the free wordpress and know it has an ad at the bottom of posts (yet I don’t even see them). My only other thought is, a lot of work/expense… hmm… well if you love the work/challenge and feel you will be supported (which you know you are). I tend to keep it simple until the way/sign is provided. YOU are very dialed in so the answer will surface. Think, what is the motive/desire… (in making the changes)? Then see how/what/if that feels right. Maybe check with some who do have sponsors/host and get their advice. Good luck and continue to do what ya love!

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  2. Ah, surrender. Thanks for the link to Matt; I haven’t watched one of his videos in a while (because of their length), but even catching the first several minutes, this one is great. (Saw him a few years back in Seattle). I feel that a big part of surrender is trust; trusting in the Universe, God,trusting that someone or something has my highest good in mind; trusting and allowing without any fear stepping in and blocking things from coming to me.

    I remember a year or so ago, trying to make something happen in my life (don’t remember what the specifics are), and I was pushing and trying to control how things were going, and they weren’t going my way. At some point, I recognized that I was trying to control the situation (because I was no doubt afraid of something), and then remembered to stop, have faith that what I wanted would have a better chance of dropping into my life if I relaxed and let go, and I surrendered. Once that energy of trying to push my agenda on something was gone, what I wanted was able to appear. It fascinates me as to how things show up during these times.

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    • I love your words! Thank you!! And synch, I am writing on trust right now (for a future post). Thank you so much for sharing. I haven’t watched yet but I do know everyone I have seen has been a help/reset/blessing. Often for the longer video’s I have to break them up into sections like a chocolate bar to savor. When I surrender, I feel it. It feels amazing and then I always seem to know/remember. Control and fear – old ways. Thank you my friend! ❤

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  3. Surrender that’s it in a nut shell, yes not always easy, but I honestly believe it is much HARDER if we don’t!! I loved where you say Let = Let go. Literally, drop it, slam dunk it, donate it……send it on its way! Those were some powerful words, yet packed with humor….lol
    A great read Molly, thank YOU!! 🌺💚🌺

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    • 🙂 I have shed enough tears (created oceans). I have also laughed so hard it probably created mountains. This journey can be hard and I try to lighten it up whenever possible. Love humor! And YOU!

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