The Return


There has definitely been a shift – yah!  Energy in the air yet it hasn’t quite settled yet.  It’s like you now have the energy to do… something… yet your not quite sure what to do.  Well, you can’t go wrong here yet you might just realize to, chill.  We seem to be running brain (rewiring/refiring/refining) energy and you may feel this.  It might be felt as a headache yet it is not.

I wrote this next part a few weeks ago and it does seem to fit now.  So here we go…

There are moments in this journey where whatever you’ve been working on for the past few weeks/months, it seems to all catch up and make sense.  I love these moments.  Peace + knowing/clarity = bliss.

You might find yourself saying, Ohhh… if I’d only known! 

Years ago my life was flipped upside down, literally.  Then it was turned inside out.  Yikes.  And then just about everything was stripped away.  I had a few years of what one could say was in the in-between.  It was like being in a foreign land and at times not bound by time or space.  I did feel protected yet removed.  So, not alone though yet it might have appeared that way.  It can also hold moments where you feel as if all is being pinched off, yet a shift and you’re moving along again – forever changed.

This past year I’ve watched and experienced, the return.  When it started it was so subtle.  Over the past few months, haha… anything but.  Like, plop… here you go.  So, I’ve often found myself chuckling.  If I’d only known… a lot of tears/anxiety/worry could have been spared.  So much for being intuitive.  Yet, I now see how this has been divinely orchestrated and was part of the process.  It served me well.  So I smile.  I know a few things are still to come and I welcome this.  The veils are lifting.

When channeling started for me, I was often told, Let it come…  That whatever I needed would find a way.  Well… can I tell you,  often nothing came or something I really didn’t want/understand.  For me, this time held very important lessons.  It was also a lesson in learning to receive – your Divine feminine… which includes being in a state of peace.

If there is a piece of your puzzle you feel you are missing, know that it will come together in the exact moment it is to be, seen.  This year still has many surprises in store.

Be… believe, breathe.   That is all… 🙂  ❤

5 comments on “The Return

  1. “If I’d only known… a lot of tears/anxiety/worry could have been spared.”
    That is very encouraging to hear. Good that things are turning around for you. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

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