Feel so alive!

Oh what a wild ride this is!  This was my sunrise this morning.  Spirit filled.  Yesterday I felt like I/we anchored the energy in as the day went on.  Slow, soft, gentle.  I noticed several changes in the sky – amazing hues that made me feel, home (even more so).  It felt like an honor to welcome/preview it verse being caught off guard or slammed by it.  By early evening, I knew it was, here.  It’s back… 

I also had amazing energy – yippee.  We are running updates/upgrades with this energy so you might feel head pressure, mild nausea, your throat adjusting/clearing, twinges in your body as the energy moves, etc.

The energy can make a night for light sleep.  So I awoke excited.  I also though quickly remembered who I was even a year ago.  I really didn’t know of these more specific energy waves.  I had felt some powerful moments yet wouldn’t have attached them to any cycle/named event/date necessarily.  I would soon start to hear of them but believed then and now that EVERY moment is important.  So I wish to say that each person is riding their own wave.  Yes, some of us are on the same wave yet we will have our own unique experience.  And yes, we are in the same ocean.  So any experience – from being completely oblivious to being dialed into the 144 dimension – is valid.

I awoke singing a song I’d never heard before yet I seemed to know it.  I will say that I’ve heard songs before and when I’ve gone to find them, I can’t.  Or I hear the lyrics to a song that I do know exists yet to a very different rhyme/style.  A version of a song in another reality?  🙂  So I googled and…  WOW!  I was able to find the song and how fitting.  This might be my new theme song.  At minute 2:30… I thought of how many times I’ve connected to the Sun.

I am working on several post so this is enough for now.  I truly thank you for reading and commenting/sharing.  I ❤ you!

6 comments on “Feel so alive!

  1. Last night I was burning the midnight oil. I felt very alive, but took melatonin. I settled down to repeating my I Love You’s till I feel asleep. I appear to be burning the midnight oil again. I should go to sleep. The later I fall asleep the later I will raise tomorrow (no work in morning.) So I did end up getting 8 hours sleep last night. Would have been more, but my phone doesn’t like staying quiet that long.

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  2. Oh what a wild ride indeed! Okay yes I felt a bit of nausea/head pressure this morning, but guess what my friend… I FEEL SO ALIVE today!! Yay ME!
    What an amazing song to have popped into your head this morning…I LOVE IT!!!
    You can capture the most BEAUTIFUL Sunrises, I agree with Durinda “absolutely breathtaking”!!! ❤

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    • It’s an honor to share. And still singing. It really is (for me) the perfect song. Spirit/us amazes me time and time again. And then mirrored by the sunrise. All synching up. ❤

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    • Thank you! It was there for just a few moments and then completely gone. Replaced with a more normal bluish gray overcast sky… ho-hum, lol. Special moments and reminders though.


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