Transparent Vision


I have known for some time that my stronger skill is hearing Spirit.  I do though often see quick visions.  At times in grayscale, others color.  At times they’d be fuzzy yet I’d know.  Only a handful of time in my life though have they lasted more than a few seconds.  In the past year, Spirt has been highlighting certain things so I know to pay attention.  It’s like looking at a line up of items yet one of them has a glow around it. 

A year ago Spirit started working with me to get my spiritual vision closer to 20/20.  I learned that I had to relax my eyes and open my heart.  And usually no thoughts need to be running wild in my mind either.  Then I started seeing the multidimensional play out here and now.  At times it’s just a layer and that is enough.  If more are added, it gets pretty wild, pretty quick.  It’s like watching a scene and seeing all of the possible outcomes and… there are many.

Yesterday a lot was popping into my peripheral.  “Friends”  yet now they appear even more real (than the aura’s or outlines).  Several surprise moments.  So I write this to say, well, at least for me, this has been a process of gradual fine tuning a gift/skill and I do think this is the case for many.

As this energy wave rolls in, know that just about anything can happen.  You might manifest something (you’ve been working on) into your reality.  Yippee!  You might be dealt some huge clearing work.  You can and will get through it.  Often though when your in it, it can feel very heavy and as if it won’t ever end.  But it will.  You might hear or see psychically like you never have before.  It can be… intense!  Now is a good time to keep a notebook for the random and bizarre.  Most of it is an invitation.  What interests you?  What can you handle?  What do you dismiss?  What do you now remember?

And yes, you might not feel, see or hear… anything.  Natta, zip, zilch.  This does not mean, nothing, is going on.  A lot may be going on.  Spirit is often so subtle in the beginning as well as many other moments.  Trust your process.

As I meditated yesterday, I saw a book with fine print/text.  It didn’t feel like the Book of Records/Akashic yet I’m not sure yet.  I’ve accessed the akashic at times yet for me, it’s not in the traditional ways.  Spirt usually makes it quite funny/unique.  And at times I’ve seen blank pages.  I didn’t always understand this.  It can be for many reasons.  We do write our own story, everyday!

Soenjoy this time – what ever energy you feel or create.  Thank you for reading.  ❤

7 comments on “Transparent Vision

  1. Umm. Well the least thing I heard telepathically is, “She doesn’t work much.” The only thing I recall actually hearing (that wasn’t there) was in the morning when I was half asleep I heard, “Go Slowly.” My whole brain jumped to suddenly hear someone in my ear, like being surprised by someone you didn’t see behind you.

    For the first one, as someone who is almost unemployed, what do you expect? As for the “Go Slowly” actual hearing through the ears… I just hope I forget it so I can continue to insist to my psychiatrist that I don’t see or hear anything. Perhaps someone was outside my open window, and it just sounded close, right?

    This was my guide advising other guides on how to proceed. By clearly letting me hear this, they could see an example of how I reacted to actual hearing. The reaction wasn’t fear so much as worry that, by virtue of being honest with my psychiatrist, increased psychic ability means increased medication.

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  2. I hear rather than see too. Sometimes though (and this is one of them) all kinds of fleeting images cross my mind when I’m meditating. It has been wild for me lately too. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all that psychic content that is being thrown up in the collective. A lot of it doesn’t seem to relate to me at all.
    Sometimes though I see things that seem to hover in my mind demanding my attention. I like your idea of keeping a notebook nearby. Reading your post I remembered I saw something I thought was significant but now I can’t remember it all! I wonder if it will come back.
    I like your vision of a book and your thoughts about what it could mean. I like your idea that we write our own story daily but then the book you saw had text already written. Intriguing.

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    • I’ve also had that happen often and more recently feel like it’s the “random” clearing. It all means something but gheez…lol. I do think we are assisting our younger/other selves/aspects/collective. The entire journey is indeed intriguing 🙂 ❤ Great to hear from you – thank you!!


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