An interesting wave indeed


Monday flew by!  Tues… well, I was holding space most of the day.  It was a good day yet seemed slow… odd at times.  Hmm… upgrades, clearing…?  Yes… this is a very fluid experience.  I’ve already meditate twice today to get an understanding of the energy I am feeling.  I think a light pep talk may be needed.  So light and love gang…

We got this!  It is going to be okay.  Seriously.  Breathe with me.  Let the weight/wait/worry, drop.  Feel any better yet?  Take a deep breathe and exhale.  Shake your body.  Pull your shoulders back.  And then roll then back again and feel those angel wings.  Stand proud and align.

We have to find the humor verses the frustration.  The lighter side verses the gray/darker.  The peace verses the angst.  This might be a time to take a break from seeking, questioning, or doing the “work”.  We came here to have fun yet we do take all of this way too serious at times.  It might be a good day to be untraditional.  Whatever your mind is telling you to do, well, the opposite might be a better choice.  So if your feeling funky (not in a good kinda cool, soulful funky way)/off/miserable… stop.  Enough.  Reach out.  There is always someone, somewhere who needs you.  Your amazing light and love.


I am not a political person but I will say (phrased just a bit differently), when you feel low, you gotta go high.  See, the reminders do surround us.  So phone or message a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.  Stop by a food panty and drop off a few cans of food.  Go for a walk in nature and be open to the simple reminders that are being mirrored to you and… even a surprise.


Heck, get a small Slurpee (remember your child-like nature) or bake a cake and let your creative juices/inner Julia Child/child stir.  Painting, even if you are not an artist, is also a great way to  flow.

I was reviewing my personal notes last night and was making a few a-ha’s.  I often write that I believe we are all lightworkers.  Now I think we are all wayshowers/teachers.  We don’t even realize the ways we do pull along a group (family/friends/followers/a community… heck, even complete “strangers”).  It is a ripple affect yet at times we don’t even realize till significantly later.

So… Open, open… OPEN.  This, too, shall pass.  We will all benefit from some new energy circulating in us.  It is here and now yet we seem to be keeping it at bay.  What we want is just a vibration away.  No fear… let’s jump!

Please do let me know how you are doing.  Sharing is caring and we all learn from each other.  ❤


First – four pictures found online.  First one – feel wrapped in bright, blissful energy.

The last ones I took on a walk.  Walking on water…or in the clouds, you can be 🙂  No wake… smooth, easy.

6 comments on “An interesting wave indeed

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  2. Hello Miss Molly!
    I’m doing pretty good, although the Energies REALLY do feel very fluid like, and I tend to feel slightly frightened, as it sometimes feels so surreal, and I feel so disconnected from ‘this world’, yes I go to work and get my job done, but just feel slightly weird, of course I try desperately not to show it, which is sometimes hard!!
    I have been having A lot of ‘reunions’ in my dream state, some that have passed and some that are still around that I’m no longer in contact with. They all for the most part have been lovely and healing, with a little ‘I’m working it out’…lol
    The interesting thing as of late is upon waking I am having a VERY hard time functioning in my body, and I can NOT have any noise what-so-ever!!!
    I suppose my Soul is traveling a bit more lately, as I have always been a ‘dreamer”, but have never felt like I do now upon rising. Anyway, thank you for your encouraging message, and I love the quotes, one my sister has said a lot ‘ It’ll all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, It’s not the end.’ Also I love the Walking on water or in the Clouds photo’s, lovely!!
    Sending you love and big (((hugs))) ❤

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    • Weird, surreal – Yes! Reunions – Awesome! I’ve been experiencing for a month now the hard to wake – wherever I’ve been playing/working/being… it’s far, far away, lol. We are though merging our dream state into our daydream/life. Yippee! ❤ and hugs!!

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