Ascended Mastery 101


While this picture is kind of trippy, this is not that kind of post.  This is a very natural and normal process.  Tomorrow is 10/1… so 101 does seem appropriate since school… life is in session.  I chuckle as I start to write this post because this has been an interesting wave indeed.  At least for me.  Soo not like the other two of this year.  But of course!  Just when you master a way…. it changes!  Yesterday felt like a work out of a certain kind/story for another time.  By the end of the day, I was reviewing my notes again.  I know I often mention keeping a notebook like a student.  I AM both a teacher and student of life/Spirit.  Each day can be busy enough that it’s easy to miss/dismiss what seems like a random sign/message/dream/event.  I seemed to find mine in my notes, as I was wondering what class had I signed up for.

A moment actually happened several days ago (that alarmed my mind) and then later in a calm dream state.  It was significant yet I seemed to overlook it since life is always tossing something into the mix.  Invitations and now, I needed to do my part.  We are constantly, stepping up/in/expanding/being invited.  So I try to relay as much of this journey from my perspective as I can yet there are moments my mind doesn’t always understand.  I think, how am I supposed to write about this or that?  Well… you just write.  Spirit helps me in much of my writing yet it does now appear that I’ve chosen a few challenge/extra credit writing pieces, lol.

For now, the moment I am letting go of (writing about).  The dream symbolism though, of being given a white robe… as in a sacred graduation ceremony, yet I insisted that I still wanted to wear my worn blue gene/jean shorts underneath and flip flops was now very clear to me.  And this does sound just like me.  A bit of my inner rebel/uniqueness and at times stubbornness to change.  Much is written on the Brotherhood of the White Light.  You can find a few other names/versions associated with this lineage as well.  I have received short messages from this energy in the past yet my mind tends to dismiss them based upon the word choices I hear.  I now needed to get past this.  To be open and listen… (to judge/understand later).  It is a brother/sisterhood of Mastery.  Many are a part of this energy.  It is an honor and can included notable names (if you need this).  By doing a little homework, I was now better understanding my/our/the dynamics.

My signs have been for a system upgrade and to reboot, repeatedly.  I even shut down a cash register yesterday… just so I could get the point, lol.  I’ve also been feeling energy moving in me.  At times the heart pulls can be significant yet a reminder – open.  The K (Kundalini) energy has also been flowing/expanding almost daily for over a month now.  While I had a taste of this years ago (and at the time it seemed significant), this is now an amplified dosage.  After the first few pulses/waves, I felt pretty… illish.  What was this burning off/releasing/purging/awakening??

I’ve now been advised that the K energy will continue.  Everything needs to, heat up.  Our core, all the way to our crown, hands and toes/souls.  🙂  It’s not a fever (one may feel) but the Divine Spark.  Guidance compared it to a meteor (or space craft) as it enters the atmosphere.  This also ties into one of my dreams/warnings.

So I’ve been using the wrong symbolism as I tried to remain, light – it’s not a mac truck although trust that I’ve had many days that I felt like one hit me; fluish.  This is Frequency Light Upgrades.  Your inner meteors/stars/planets/space craft are coming in/on line/awakening and it is intense.  I am not though feeling that super high energy… or not yet. I could say, you basically feel that energy as needed/a reminder… well, really for many reasons so let me not digress.

IF you feel that you are stagnating/circling/struggling… this is a sign.  It is brought to you for a reason.  It means that you have mastered a certain layer/point/lesson/expression and it is time to move on/transcend/evolve.  You bring the struggle to you… because you know yourself that well.  Yet, it’s perceived/felt in reverse since you might think you’re off course.  You are not… you are on course.  You hold love/light/new earth and at times have to be reminded of this.  Anything less than this becomes a block/needed release/change/lesson/experience.  So we often have an experience to get us back into the flow.  We have to let go/get over our old self.  The process though that we often fight… actually, works perfectly.  If you don’t claim your next level… struggle is introduced… and at times, remains.  Think of this more though as, hurdles.  We jump when needed.

Another hint hint for me was being asked to do a life review.  I’ve had this happen on several occasions and now understand this is letting go of the old you and welcoming in the new.  It is like a review you’d have in Heaven.  Your happy/proud moments, success stories and the moments you didn’t understand.  I also seem to mention all the people I love playing with.  You do let go of much yet also (chose to) carry over a few lessons/desires and many playmates.  And you are… born again.

Yesterday I was wondering if this journey is just to return one to exactly where you started.  Ironic.  While this might be the case, you are not the same.  You can’t go back because you are forever changed.  I had a dream where I was lost.  Haha, not.  It’s just that certain options no longer exist.  New ones do though, look ahead.

Each, now, will be in a different place.  Some are mastering a human life.  Some, a life with/as their soul.  Or, their higher self, their many soul aspects, and/or being an Ascended Master.  Each is a sacred reunion and a bit of a different experience – enjoy!

Now though, that last one, being an AM… okay… can we just acknowledge this… wow – the almighty I AM…  I AM… Ascended   Master…

(We use the I AM all the time yet do we know what it really stands for??  Could this just be a possibility?  Absolutely!)

… was tripping me up a bit.  I channeled Ascended Master years ago and thought I knew what they were like – powerful, all knowing and that… would never be me.  Yet it is and is not like this.  We are all Ascended Masters.  I know this.  I’ve written on this before (although it been some time).  At times we put the veils back in (yes… I know), to help the collective move along.  We take a step back and then one forward.  And, there is no shame in stepping back.  It’s part of the design/plan.

So… I didn’t expect or know that I was/we can be one in human form.  It is extremely humbling.  I had to sleep on this to allow it to settle.  Simply, we are powerful and wise.  Perfection is not needed – we just are.  In this journey one can embody a soul… and live a life.  One might then embody their higher self and lives a life.  One might even embody a Christ self or a Crystal self and then lives, life.  This process is a constant continuation.  There are defining moments on this journey and some are so subtle and some, anything but.  We do ascend and the changes are huge yet also subtle.

In my process, I came to this understanding but trust that each will have their own.  The mental process (for me) actually = embodying my soul.   The emotional process = my higher self.  The physical = Ascended Master = Spiritual body.  The in-between is the soul aspects that you exchange in and out as you expand and contrast.  The peaks and valleys, the ebb and flow.  As you upgrade your body, you upgrade your life.  And… we are far from done.  What you want/desire, well… it will happen.

It might also appear that one is ill or needs to sleep a lot.  You are just incubating.  You will arise anew.  Sleep = upgrading/growing/healing.  Genes/jeans that make up your DNA are changing and often this happens in our natural sleep state.  You may also heat up and then chill/feel cold or vice versa.

Oh… Guidance = your Guardian self/soul.  I was asking how long would some of these upgrades take and I was being advised there is no time yet we do place a time (limit) on this process.  Yup.  Let go and remember.

Often I have an experience and do the best I can.  Then afterwards the process/moment is explained.  Again a reverse.  Like we are not to know in advance.  Often when an upgrade/healing/etc. is happening, I don’t hear as much guidance.  We came here for the experience.  As if the words are actually of a different vibration and are not to mix/interfere with the process.  I was advised to trust that Spirit knows what we can handle and they’ll advise as soon as possible.

I do feel that how I am to be of service will be changing… yet again.  I/we need to let this unfold.  I have though been reminded of this several times now.  Each time I’ve shared that I might not continue to blog – those moments where it feels like it’s served it’s purpose.  It has and I just let go.  Yet… can I say that it just, changes.  This blog seems to be a backbone – it is still needed.

This evening is an important moment.  A dark moon yet don’t let this fool you.  The light will be shinning bright.

So I AM going to publish this yet already seem to know that I might be coming back to edit.  So feel free to return for another read.  Thank you for reading.  I love ya and happy New moon!



Sunrise…  and all is well in between.

dscf5726   dscf5697


(First pic found online)

3 comments on “Ascended Mastery 101

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  2. I find that for the past about ten or eleven months, I have felt an almost constant humming or vibrating in my body (noticed when I’m quietly sitting). An intuitive friend let me know it’s Kundalini energy. And back in August when I took a meditation class (I’d been a meditation flunkie for the past 4 years, trying off and on, but never getting anywhere), I played around with the meditation and experienced Kundalini energy shoot up my spine and I let my body gyrate and shake with it. Ever since then, I usually invite it into my meditation and see where it helps me go. It’s been interesting.

    I love your comment about you/we’re being ascended masters. Fascinating!

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