I sit in silence.  I focus on my breath and then my heartbeat.  I feel peace.  Happiness.  I know… everything will be okay.  I smile… since I know it will be more than just, okay.

This is an interesting time as I seem to sense it all.  The exhaustion, the crisis, overload… and the blissful hush.  Underneath all of this, is a new birth. Continue reading

No sugar coating


I started this post last night and knew to sleep on it.  The past two mornings I do feel that we are coming out of this step, slowly – Hooray!!  Since there is still a bit of this energy/work being done and another might not feel this yet, instead of trashing this post, I decided to post.  This may not resonate with all nor is it meant to.  We are each in a bit different place.  So here we go…

I love writing when I am filled with Spirit.  The words come easily and flow.  It is my truth and I am honored to be able to share.  I am though feeling very human in this moment yet this is no less than any other moment/writing.  The past several weeks have been… interesting and I don’t think it’s just me.  It hasn’t been what I expected. Oh how the Universe makes teachers out of all of us. Continue reading


I awoke at 4:11 a.m. and quickly… my mind started whirling.  So I arose and sat under the moon.  I took several deep and l-o-n-g breathes.  This seems to be needed now.  I don’t even know what this week has in store… yet, I seem to be feeling it.  So Universe, what’s the 411… Continue reading