Wild and Wonderful

The past two nights have been amazing pink skies at sunset… all around verses just with the setting sun.  It has also been quiet for me.  Can I tell you how much this used to freak me out.  As if something was wrong.  I now know nothing is wrong and this is just a moment.  You breathe, you live, you do what you love.  So It might be or seem very quiet right now.  It can feel … 

Confusing.  Irritable.  Off.  You might need to remind yourself to, stop.  Now is not the time to get frustrated.  Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Remain open and listen.  It might be a day or several but a sign/event/message will come.  Clarity will come.  For those who feel they are waiting, you are not.  You are holding space (as you continue to live) = respect = love.  You are also probably integrating.  So… in the meantime what do you choose?  Grumpy or  JOY?

Speaking of signs… This morning as I stood outside at dawn, a fox ran right past the house.  While one has crossed my path while driving, this was even closer.  Fast moving energy.  As I stood in a bit of amazement, a spider then greeted me.  Literally dropping in front of my face.  Ha-ha, a-ha… quickly, keenly making a new web of support?  It’s getting wild around here.

The energy for me is now being felt on the inside.  With the previous waves of this year, it felt more like an external energy that became an internal high.  I continue to feel the inner heat/spark as it moves.  I awoke overnight being advised that many are growing into a spiritual body.

It’s been a while since I wrote on life lessons.  They do seem to be in the air.  In some ways, my journey started years ago ready to tackle my lessons since neither a friend, counselor, church… or  “medication” (food/alcohol/shopping/tv/working out) had been relieving or resolving the issues.  Answers didn’t always come quickly which was a lesson in itself.  I had just left the cooperate world where quick decision making and problem solving skills was a must.  Know that a lot is on other’s minds right now.  They need a little, space.  🙂  Patience, support and love, works.

I had a dream that reminded me that at times we bite off more than we can chew.  We take a leap of faith to then realize… we might fall short.  Then in my daily horoscope I read, “no satisfaction if your hopes are too high.”  Hmm.  This journey is about manifest, dreaming and taking leaps.  At times we know certain things and that drives us.  There are also times that we need to real our self in and be calm, knowing and happy in our present moment.  Expectations can set one up.  New starts and The dream will happen.  It is happening.  For some, after all that you may have been through in the past few weeks/months, you might have even forgotten your dream.  It is still there.  Balance.

I was advised that dropping a timeline too quickly can cause chaos.  Interesting.  Like a be careful what you ask for moment.  Let it unfold.  So small, manageable pieces.  Savor.  Guidance was, Plan a trip verses a life.   (think general/loose)

A random message/knowing was that for some, who are experiencing a walk-in… often this is a higher self version of yourself… not some random/stranger/other soul.  It is not to be feared.  In the past I’ve read some articles – no wonder it seems scary.  Blend.

I was also getting a short message on surrogate souls.  I’d never heard of this and later when I went to google, I couldn’t find much written on it either.  It is like being very in tune with another – possibly too in tune.  It reminded me of a twin/soul mate where you know/feel what they are experiencing.  My first reaction was to clear one’s energy field yet there seems to be more here so I will stay open to more guidance.

Alrighty kiddoes’… are we having fun yet??  Find your, WOW!  Find your wild and wonderful.  ❤

4 comments on “Wild and Wonderful

  1. Wow I can not believe the beautiful sunsets, the COLOR IS SO AMAZING!
    I am seeing A LOT of people now starting up the “Ascension Stair Steps”, whoa, now I know why I have had to gain a little extra around my solar plexus area….very intense!!
    Yes `They need a little space`…Patience, Support, and LOTS OF LOVE!!
    Hope you are well my SPECIAL friend! ❤ and ((((HUGS))))

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    • Everything seems to expand and then contrast 🙂 Nothing is personal… a good time to remember the Four Agreements. I am really good. I’ve been smiling all day. A strong sense of peace. I’ll take it! A BIG ((( HUG ))) to you my special friend. Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s always great to hear from you! ❤

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  2. Your pictures are always so amazing! There seems to be so much coming through. I wake up from time to time while I sleep to get snippets of conversation and then I am back to sleep. Much information is being shared but I cannot seem to recall it when I wake up. I feel it will show up when needed.

    I walked out of the door at work this morning and over by the tree near the door stood a hawk. So majestic and beautiful. And I have had a few visiting crickets in my house (no idea how they are getting in) and a grasshopper on the hood of my car last week. So much movement.

    I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome children (well one was 17) the other 12 and the third a little girl around 9 or so. They were siblings and attended an intuitive drawing workshop with their parents. Oh they were truly gifted. The energy emanating from the oldest was awesome. He was very in tuned to his purpose here. I love when I come across the children!

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    • Oh all of this is awesome! I had a cricket that seemed to grow up in my house (not sure how) and then finally I was able to get her outside. Always appearing when I needed the reminder. After I wrote this a frog so the leaping symbolism is running strong. The workshop sounds amazing! ❤ ❤ ❤ ! Thank you so much for sharing all of this!


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