Ten Four


Ahhh… yes, message received!  Synchronistic date isn’t this?

Good morning sweet souls!  How are you?  I am now realizing… I have been under!  This has been a major upgrade for me/many that has probably been going on for 6 weeks or so.  I’ve been feeling the process lift.  At the same time, I also know to go slow for a bit longer.  And interesting, a possible Hurricane is on the way.  Matthew.  Hmm

I can clearly remember as a child, hearing this bible passage.  It so resonated with me.  It was as if I knew it was a sign/message way before I even believed in signs/messages.  I remember highlighting this passage in more than one bible.


This calms me.

Usually when I check in, I hear a message.  At times, I heard different tones.  It’s like being with a group of friends where they all chime in with their opinion.  You listen and then see what resonates.  You then decide how the message will guide you.  At times though a message will so hit a cord and unlock/open you in a profound way.  Oh I love those!

So for this storm, the messages are all over the board.  Haha, like the computer models of it’s projected path.  The reasons why/where/when and that it might even peter out.  I’d been working with the energy in an attempt to lessen the storm/impact yet, this is Mother Nature… and she has her ways and doesn’t like to be controlled.  So, while days away and a lot can happen, I know to also prepare.  Yes, this can be symbolic of life/this journey.

A hurricane is a massive vortex.  A powerful force.  If you happen to be in the possible path, meditate on the vibration.  See what it has to offer/symbolize for you.  And… is it just me or does this eye look a bit like a heart?  In the eye of the storm, there is peace.

Here we’ve already had two rather strong storms in the past month – both a bit of a surprise; their impact.  So by this weekend/first of next week, I might not have power/internet.  I do have a few good books tucked to the side, gifted and already amazed at how perfect/synchronistic they are.  This simple act/gift, for me, is quite meaningful.

I was clearing out my junk/spam email and came across an email on blogging and plagiarism.  About work being “stolen”.  When I first started blogging, I saw this happen.  When one places their work online, who knows where it might end up.  Yes, another can take… and prosper from your work/gift.  Yet nothing happens without your consent.  Maybe it was to happen that way (a prior agreement) or a lesson for one (to overcome anger/fear/misunderstanding).  For me, I know that Spirit will always give more.  It never runs out.  I have more than a lifetime to offer.  And another can’t take my personality/soul.  We are more than our words.  So for me, the good outweighs any risk/perceived bad.  And… if these words don’t settle well enough with you, you can think, karma… and she can be a b*tch, lol.  Lighten up!  Nothing real can be threatened.  Until then, we are all just practicing.

The work theme seems to also be running strong.  Many lightworkers want to know, how?!  Guidance is:  You don’t need a job, you need a joy.  You don’t need work, you need fun.  Now, I know.  We all have bills/energy exchanges but can you just savor those words for a moment verses dismissing them.  There is a way and answers can be found when you relax, verses seeking on the vibration that created the issue/need.

So we are being asked to relax into some huge changes.  Can I just say I was even caught a bit off guard at how significant those changes might be.  We are to care yet… not.  To let go.  If it is meant to be, it will remain/work out/thrive!  Get on the thrive vibration 🙂

So be open to communication today.  It might just be coming in on a new/different channel/frequency/way.

Alrighty, I am going to try to clean out the draft folder so there may be several articles that get release here soon.  Read what serves you.  I am always honored when another does and to share.  ❤

So ten four good buddy!  Singing… East bound and down… load em up and truckin… we’re going to do what they say can’t be done… we got a long way to go and a short tie to get there…

9 comments on “Ten Four

  1. Molly, you are a soother of souls. And the portion of this post regarding work, very synchronistic. I too keep feeling big changes, as I try to stay centered. I always love when Spirit allows me to see where others are in their process when having conversations. Onward and upward we go!

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  2. 10-4, message received. I’m on the East Coast of Florida so preparing mentally and physically for this my first real hurricane. No fear, just amazement and delight at the power of Mother Nature. I have lived through another huge storm that wasn’t even forecast by the weather people in the NW, with winds exceeding 90 MPH, which downed powerlines and closed highways for several days… I can do it, again. Keep the windows closed, head down, secure all items that can get airborne, set aside water, food and blankets and enjoy the show! I have a storm lantern, weather radio and batteries. We’ll handle this!

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    • This was great to read! I am smiling so big. 10-4! I’ve been through many hurricanes that quickly became tropical storms, nor’easters and those unannounced storms that at times cause more damage than the announced. A great time to pull in and back to basics. You sound well prepared. Enjoy. We go this! ❤

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    • The old me, a bit of worry both before and during. They can be hard to sleep through. Now I check in to see if there is anything I need to know and to cast my vote/energy for it to turn out to sea yet I also know there are many reasons (even advantages) for it to come close/inland. There’s some prep that is wise and you plan to not have power for a few days (you forget how much you do use). We had a 60 mph storm a few wks ago (prep) and I smiled through it. I found it amazing. I was calm, comfortable and very grateful. (Yet 100+ winds might be a very different story, lol.) The sound of strong wind, house creaking, etc. can be unsettling to many. How keen ones ears can become… to those foreign sounds… or testing to see if one can hear spirit 🙂 We carry a lot of “storm” dna/history/clearing so it can be a good time to do this, too. I do pray for safety for everyone in it’s path. The media coverage (a weeks notice) is good and exhausting. They can make for good rest days if you can calm down and trust… yet also use a bit of common sense. A lot can change in a few days so, we shall see 🙂 ❤

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