Awakening a Joyful Body


I’ve been working on this post, here and there, for two weeks now.  Really this is old news, yet… at any time someone might have this, a bit prolonged physical body experience as they awaken/ascend, so I write and share.  While this post might not be for all, I hope it may assist another.

I am sitting with the rising sun and feel great which is a shift (if you’ve been reading along).   This past month or so, physically, has not been easy.  While I’ve written on this some, I’ve also chosen at times not to elaborate.   Basically, I wondered how many days was I going to awake feeling like a mac truck had just hit me?  You might call it a release/purge/upgrade/awakening… or feeling quite, ill.  So here are some additional thoughts as I seem to be letting go of this energy/process/experience for now.

So I figured I was not to just experience… although yes, this is enough.  And I wasn’t to just write/grumble/joke (make light) about it either – in some of my earlier writing.  I wondered what was my role/piece/peace that I was to bring forward.. on a deeper level.  Moments are invitations.

Be careful if you ever mention/brag that the Spiritual journey has given you perfect health, while it can…  I guess I found myself in the stages of grief as the month went on.  Changed a bit, I first experienced… shock (what do you mean I still feel icky – after the first few days), to a mild depression (will this ever end? – after the first week), to awesome acceptance (okay, this is divine, I remember) and then, love.  Pure love and acceptance since, it cures all.  At times when we are in it… it feels like it will never go away.

So one evening I did some online homework on the subject of illness, being a lightworker, upgrading, feeling like total crap yet not believing I was, ill.  The interesting thing with my process is, Spirit often encourages this.  Why?  Well, it does help you to find your kind.  And you might find something that very much resonates – a reminder.  Often this is enough and you move along.  You can also see what has and has not been said/written.  A chance to offer a different perspective.  I found these articles and while some of the info reminded me of articles I read years ago, they were now looked at in a new and deeper way.  While I’ve felt awakening/ascending symptoms over the years, they usually last for a day or two and then are completely gone.  This was my first prolonged experience – lasting a month+.

I’ve also though identified with being a grid worker this past year.  At times I include pieces that assist the collective in anchoring light/their truth and clearing mental and emotional issues.  Now, I was feeling a very different process.  I knew it held multiple meanings/layers.  A purge as well as an awakening/upgrade for all of us.

So I offer these random thoughts.  What might help or to spark an a-ha.

  • Epson salt baths (assist in detox), hot or cold showers to wash away – it becomes a mediation.
  • Crying, getting the worse case scenario (fear of a medical dx) out of your mind/body.  Release, get angry if you need to.  You are releasing karma/fear/density/crap.  I kept thinking of the saying, when one is squeezed… what comes out?  For me… whining.  Yikes and  yes, let’s get that out!  I think of how many examples I’ve seen of angelic humans as they lived with disease.  Smiling, patience, no complaining – gheez, I’m not so sure that would be me.
  • Illness carries stories.  It might be a past/parallel life or family karma.  You might or might not be guided here.
  • Allowing yourself to rest verses having to be sick to rest.  I think this step will be a real wake up call for the mission driven lightworkers.  Without your health, you can’t do much.  (Well, yes you can but…)  Illness though is often used… incorrectly.  For attention, as an excuse, etc. – 3D ways.  Transcend.  Can one learn to honor this time/process/healing/blessing?
  • This step can feel like a test, whatever wasn’t address in your Dark Knight  🙂 or other awakening/ascending/lesson moments will be brought up, now.  There might even be a repeat.  This is not by chance – hint, hint!
  • You will re-prioritize.  It became very clear what is important.  For me, love, family and a meal at times was more than enough.  Simple was/is best.
  • Really, there never seems a good time to get ill but trust that the timing is perfect/important.  At times we need to be removed to better see and understand where Spirit is trying to nudge us.
  • I know that pain is in the mind… that the Universe doesn’t want one to suffer.  We’ve already suffered enough.  So patience and love work verses feeling powerless/a victim.
  • Fear can delay/block the upgrade.  Relax.
  • You can discover a part of yourself you don’t know that well… yet.  It can become a return to innocence.
  • And, see how others respond when you are not your “normal” self.  This can actually stir up quite a bit in interesting ways.  You needed to see/know this.

Illness is a release.  It comes to liberate you.  Think the higher plan to see it’s divine perfection and make changes as needed/guided. Some will be small… some may be significant and will be a new process.

I also thought of both Bible passages and the Statue of Liberty.


It might be an invitation to awaken the medical intuitive in you. Healer, heal thyself… and you can.  You might be called to teach on the body, health and spiritual practice.  While there are many online, I was guided back to Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy.

I also knew (somewhere deep in me) that this moment would pass. One of the biggest lessons for me though was one I’ve already learned.  Trust.  Can you trust your body?  The process… the Universe?  Yes!

The simple answer is… none of this might be the, why?  The mind though loves an answer.  It helps us to relax, trust and adventure on.  We are shifting from a physical body to a spiritual body.  This is kinda a big deal.  🙂  So experience, seek… and please go to the doctor if you feel you need to.  No choice or way is wrong.  Take care of your amazing body and precious soul.  I will say that when your health is restored… you will be so freakin grateful.  Full of life!  How we take this for granted.

Thank you for reading and well wishes to all.  ❤

Update, doing things a bit in reverse:

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