Say what you need to say

Throat clearings seem to be running the past two days so… say what you need to say.

Can I just say how much I LOVE this song!

The past two evening I’ve been catching up with Guidance.  It has felt special, sacred. To the point that I didn’t even feel the need to publically write about it.  The tone was a bit different so I just wrote the first night – several pages.  Then last night more of a dialog started and I then realized this was my home frequency.  Yet, it felt different from when this was first established several years ago.  It was now… me.  Humbling since I remember what it felt like, outside of me, years ago.  I was not of that vibration.  So… while it does take years and is at times some of the hardest work I’ve ever done… it is so worth it!

This work is not in vein/vain… yet it does run through you.

This has also been an interesting week.  One of the focusses has been the hurricane that was initially forecasted to potentially come on land as a cat 2-3 where I call, home – yikes!  Days of watching, waiting, preparing… for an event that now might not even happen or at least here.  There is a lesson in this.  Just like this journey, the path/course does change often.  At times extreme flexibility is needed… yet this is our nature/spirit… remember??

I was though reminded of, home several times.  Each of my extended family called and invited me to a safe haven if needed.  I smiled at each invitation yet, something in me knew I already was, safe.  Lighthouses don’t run.  (I write this being symbolic, know to use  common sense in reality when needed, because you are needed here.)  I will also say that even a lost soul always finds it’s way, home.

Some time ago I received a short message about, threating the needle.  I will say that the message confused my mind at the time.  What needed to be sewn together?  Ah… Yet now this simple analogy was catching my eye as I looked at the loop.  This is where it all comes together.  You are both the thread and needle – working together.  In unison and harmony.  If you pull to hard – snap.  Yet, you just try again.  And maybe a different color.

Two days before Guidance started pouring through, I was reminder of a few places I was not being so, detached.  Since I live what I write, I was even a bit surprised that Spirit was right.  Then, I was encouraged to look/think/act in gratitude.  Again, I thought I already did.  Boy, was I being reminded.  I will say that holding space works!  I seemed to know to do this, too, for several days.  The amount of peace one can hold, can = the amount of clear guidance you will receive.  Calm/peace/joy/being = hearing/seeing/feeling/knowing/being.

When a template wipe happens… it takes letting go to a new level.  You have to be willing to let go of everything!  Your mind will not understand so you’ll tend you cling/hold on… and this can induce struggle.  What your mind doesn’t understand is this is a temporary letting go of all that you are and love.  It’s like a scan and everything needs to be free, exposed and then known.  After the scan, a few things will come right back to you; reset.  Even if you’ve now been made aware of an issue.  It is yours to work on 🙂   And a few things just, go… and now you don’t mind this a bit.

We are being called to something far greater.  Yet this statement might be misperceived.  It is so simple.  One might now realize you were holding on to something that wasn’t meant to happen.  Yet, it served a huge purpose.  It got you here… now.  Bless it and let go.

So one evening I found myself creating/saying this mantra:  Either with or without… I open paths.  Here, there… anywhere.  Now, later… whenever.  I proceeded in joy and love.

Sometimes in the lulls/struggles/darker moments it’s as if you are to quit/give up.  Really you quit when you know.  When you get to a place of understanding of what your role/divine purpose is.  Hmm, so many want to know why they are here.  I did.  Some time ago I receives several purpose messages yet they also seemed vague.  It was if they wouldn’t tell me what my real (detailed) purpose was.  Well, yes they did.  Many times.  It was so simple my mind could understand.  It was to breathe.  To live.  To do what I love and to smile.  I did understand then and made changes in my life yet, can I say that this was also a choice.

So I am now better understanding my role (even more).  Who I AM.  Several of the events/experiences I’ve had this past year now make sense.  Some of them felt awkward and at times not so spiritual in the moment.

I was also coming to an understanding, yet in a deeper way. We came here to live life.  To experience it all.  Even if we don’t wake up, this is success.  Often though a light keeper plans traumatic/difficult experiences.  Why?  They need to be challenged/broken.  How else are they going to dig deep… seek… remember… and find their way home?  Trauma is the gateway home.  It is the chasm you fall into.  You will find new foundation.  It is a way to reestablish the connection.  To cleanse the heart and rewire your mind.  To learn a new way, in human form.  To then live a second life.  In joy, peace, balance and love.


Well, I feel like I have more to write yet this is enough for now.  Keep being, you.  That is all you can do.  Amazing, powerful, special, unique… you!  You are more right on than you realize.

Florida, the sunshine state, you are in my heart.  Hoping it skirts by you.  Haiti and the other affected areas, too.  Praying for safety for all.


(The last two amazing and beautiful pictures where shared with me from a trip a dear friend just took.  Allow the light to pour in.)

2 comments on “Say what you need to say

  1. Yes! Throat chakra energy has been running rampant for me. Thankfully I have not gotten sick. 😉 I hope you are not affected by the hurricane where you live. Prayers for Florida.


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