A Higher Heart


The sunrise seems to be mirroring the higher heart energy today.  INTENSE!  It’s been coming in waves since last night.  Hearts are linking up.  Breathe… pace yourself… open up.  Will write more later.  Holy moly… intense.


4 comments on “A Higher Heart

  1. Absolutely! When I created the account Annette was taken, so I always use my fairy name Geae ( Earth Goddess ) Ilona ( Beautiful of the Light ) now I’m not the fairy, it’s a beautiful statue that my daughter gave me many years ago……SHE HAD TO HAVE A NAME! I’ll share a picture with you…..❤️🌺❤️
    Glad you are feeling peace and calm too!

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    • Oh Annette… this is wonderful. I am now, too. I needed to meditate a bit longer this morning. Anchoring in the next blast of wonderful/surprise. Question, can I use your name when you use your other account (always wish to respect). ❤ ❤


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