Love this new fun word.  Meaning both a masterpiece and Master peace.  We are.

While we’ve had rain here (not hurricane related) I am sitting with the sun trying to shine through.  I’ll take it.  I checked in with Guidance on the hurricane and heard, “What storm?”  I’ve had this happen before.  A reminder that any worry is a choice.  At times on this journey you’ll have a re-set and mine now seems to be balancing awareness of multiple realities in my reality.  It’s… interesting to say the least.  While some are solely focused on the storm and it is a reality, for many others… not even a blip on their radar.  So if Spirit isn’t worried, I shouldn’t be either.  Ironic though because the old me never paid attention to the weather.  I just went, did, trusted.  But I’ve been more in tune with weather as a sign, assisting in collective clearing (there seems to be a lot of worry)  and also being a level headed human – while we are protected at times we do need to air on the side of safety.  So I remind myself to keep my mind, heart and universe balanced and at peace.  Heck, some coastal regions are known for hurricane parties… celebrations.  It can be a great time to pull in, read, catch up, clean out a closet (mentally or physically) and spend time with loved ones.  So… stay safe and we shall see how this unfolds.

We do balance/hop skip and jump multiple realities in our dream state with ease.  Probably because we take the mind out of it.  I’ve been thinking on how each REM cycle can be a different dimension. In our awake state though, it can be intriguing or even amusing to be the observer.  Or a wild ride if we choose to play, yet also very simple and peaceful as we remind our self.

I’ve noticed several times now as I go to blink, it’s like a power flicker.  Anyone else noticing this?  I continue to pretty much daily feel heat rising/circulating in spurts.  I am so grateful that this actually now seems normal and I don’t feel ill.

Yesterday my cell phone (along with many others) was part of an outage. All day the screen read, searching for service.  It was a simple reminder.  We are the seekers… of truth… of ways to be of service.  I am sure though that it affected and possibly altered many paths.  And interesting, it also drained my battery – hmm, symbolic?

With the new moon and then the past few days have been very overcast, I feel like I haven’t seen the moon in forever.  I guess I didn’t truly realize how much a part of my routine both the moon and sun are.  So it seems like a dark period yet it is not.  At times via messages I get the sense that we are stars for other planets.  And we can also be a really good soap opera or reality TV show, lol.

One may be seeing a lot of flight or fight responses.  (Yes, I meant to change the order up a bit.)  Many are on edge.  The incoming waves are getting intense.  Meditation works… the calm and serene middle round verses jumping into the deep abyss of emotions/reactions.  Now, all reactions serve a purpose yet if you know of one who is struggling a bit, possibly plant a seed or model (in the calmer moments).  I remember years ago I was struggling with a co-worker.  I really wanted us to get along but felt that we just, didn’t.  The ironic thing was, one day out of the blue she gave me a Esther/Abraham Hicks CD to listen to (that dramatically change my course).  I had no idea she was even woo-woo, lol.  And now I can see she was more right on than I was thinking I was.

For many their love/comfort/patience tank is running low and just about anything would trigger a lifetime of reminders/pain.  This pattern of reacting continues until one is ready and willing to change this…. and, it is a process.  To learn new ways to cope/be/live/thrive.  One can learn to love again, even under great stress, verses snapping/reacting.  To be present verses being triggered.

Much is written on being, present. One can conjure Zen images of being relaxed, neutral/calm/happy and available.  In the present you aren’t carrying any baggage, recalling the past, or a need for the future to be a certain way.  So how can we assist another to relearn a new way… by being present.  Just because it happened a certain way in the past, this is a new moment of creation.

I also think on the other extreme.  Many want/need/desire the super spiritual track.  Yet it’s interesting because I can now see that this track can be used as an escape from pain.  It’s not that much different than other escapes – shopping/addictions/etc.  An endless pursuit.  This journey is about being authentic.  When it’s all stripped away, how will one behave?  Under all the spiritual ways/teachings, does one still know who they are??  If someone were to ask me this question, I’d smile and say no words.  I know – so not like me but it is that simple.

Part of my reset is blending all that I have learned these past few years in my spiritual journey and also recalling many things that I did in my career days in medical social work.  It is becoming a beautiful new way.  This blog has been a labor of love as I’ve documented and shared.  Many bloggers just blog… from their heart.  Guidance was reminding me of the infinity sign.  There comes a time to give and… receive.  🙂  This applies to, all.

In my discuss with Guidance I noted, “We blocked you in many way so that you could dig deep.  Your lessons are done.  Done in time and space – a gift.  144.”  I also know that my lessons are far from done.  More, it’s just that they are transcended to the word choice of, experiences.  Yesterday, I had a moment where I was not at my best yet I found it interesting the whisper I later heard:  Your worst moment was your best.  I do get it.  There are opportunities in each moment.  For growth, a-ha’s, healing, change… and love.

The voice of reason is… your own.  Trust it.

And speaking of The Voice… I love this song and seems to fit into the theme.

Keep creating your masterpiece/peace.  Even better, just be who you are.  ❤


11 comments on “Masterpeace

  1. So much in here for me today. The multiple realities. The hair-trigger effect–low patience. The physical energy shifts. Reassuring when I read it as part of a larger picture . . .

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    • YES! Great to hear from you. I, too, have had a variety of levels of vibrations/movement/shaking both during the day and night. They eyes are newer, the past 2 days. I just note and on to the next surprise, lol. Thank you! ❤


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