Cat 1… Literally.


It’s rare that I take a blogging break.  I always seem to make time to write.  I will say though that when I do, whether it be for a few days or in the past, maybe a few weeks, I do hesitate a bit as to if, how and what I’ll share as I start again.  Can I just say that several days away from a laptop/social media can do a lot for you.

So I am humble.  This has been an interesting yet powerful week… and reset.  More than what I can write in a post happened yet I’ll mention a few things now.   First, storm/hurricane mode, like illness, can cause one to be very present.  And not having power/internet for two days was a great time to, disconnect.  I was keeping a close eye on the hurricane path and honestly something in me didn’t trust the projected path.  While I was told not to worry, I could also feel the local collective worry, including moments of my own. Yet one can’t anchor love and light and fear at the same time.  So I choose, love and light.

And…there is a lesson in this.  Does one trust The/their path/gut?  While meteorologists are expects in their field, have many tools/resources and do the best they can… Mother Nature is… Mother Nature.  So from Haiti to Virginia, much change has been created.  Our area, like many others was significantly impacted yet, we were/are so lucky/blessed.  It could have been much worse.  The area here did have flooding (some still do), more down trees and many lost significant items.

Yet, talk about the next wave of awakening… many on the East Coast just got their invitation.  Spirit reaches and teaches in these moments.  It is a time to be shocked, mourn, reassess, clear/clean-up and see what’s really important.

There’s also an interesting parallel here.  Many here felt their trust/guard was let down… like what were the meteorologist supposed to say… (possibly the truth – we don’t know). I’ve written before, while many share wisdom, expertise and all that they do know… we really don’t know jack.  Humbling.  As for the meteorologists, I think they did an amazing job with what they knew – just like all of us.  So thanks and gratitude for their dedicated service.

If your looking for sunshine and roses, well hold on, we’re getting there.  This week though I’ve been energetically working with so many who are grieving loss and change.  For some time now I’ve been able to process and write as it happens yet this one seemed to need patience.  As if a silence/honoring/respect/holding space (verses blogging) was needed.

In addition, a personal and profound change has also been happening for me.  It seemed as if each day a new truth surfaced, coming in layers not to shock my mind.  I seemed to know to honor it, not rush it and that I needed time, space and moments of privacy.  At one point I was certain I wouldn’t publically blog anymore… (well, ha in this now moment).  I will try to write more on it later.

The story though that I do wish to share is so simple yet it impacted me, significantly.  Interesting, not choosing first a divine/woo woo/spiritual experience or message.  More so, my present reality because it was spiritual and divine.  So as the hurricane started to reach our area, outside I could hear a cat cry yet I wasn’t sure where it was coming from.  The irony was… a week before I’d asked for a cat sign (we have lots of dogs in the area but not cats).   I asked for it in warning to an event.  Yikes yet, boy did the Universe play with me on this one.  This cat… (would come to find out a kitten) was sent for many reasons.  So the wind and rain and then, night fell.  The worst of the storm was after midnight so a light night of sleep.  It did feel like being in Noah’s Ark as the wind/rain/darkness/unknown surrounded us.  I realized the other storms this year happened during the day which made it easier to just be in bliss/knowing.

The next day as we assessed the damage and started to clean the yard… a cat meagerly crawled out from under our porch.  We were a bit cautious since we have wild animals in the area and some with rabies.  Yet this cat immediately went to my significant other and showed nothing but love.  So cute, trusting… and grounding to what was really important.


I need to say here that while we’ve been around cats in our life, we felt pretty neutral/non- attached about cats.  It was obvious the cat needed food and TLC.  While you can’t tell from this picture, she looked thin and as if she’d been in a battle.  Well, she’d surviving the storm under our porch (gheez felt like crap now realizing how close she was; like if only I’d known).  So all focus was now on her.  Within 24 hours it was amazing to watch her transform.  Love heals.  This cat though came to open our hearts and boy did she!  She was the most gentle, loving and instinctive cat I’ve ever been around.  While I know that cats/pets can be, she had an energy combination that I have not known thus far.  We joked that she slipped in from a different dimension yet this very well may be true.

So we also talked to the neighbors, took her to the vet and contacted the local shelter hoping to reconnect her to her owner.  In the meantime, she kept opening our hearts.  Wider and w-i-d-e-r.  Reminding us of our feline/feminine nature.  This cat came with medicine.

An owner was not found but a family that really wanted her was.  Can I just tell you that I cried as if this cat had been with us for a lifetime as I let go.  I knew that our role was to be the temporary safe haven/conduit.  And this will probably be the last time I ask for a warning sign.  I wanted to know when something I didn’t want to happen, would happen and all I got was… love and to open my heart wider than I knew it could be opened.  Moral:  There is nothing to fear.

Often meteorologists will call a hurricane by it’s wind category:  cat 1, 2, 3, etc.  We had a Cat1 liter_ally in both ways.  It’s about the little things in life.  The moments you don’t expect.  Being caught off guard and surprised.  Receiving something that forever changes you.  That kitty (yet one could also look at the symbolism of a stranger/unknown) gave us more love than many other things we’ve had in life and with no expectations.  Let love in.  Let love win.  Somethings are worth fighting for.  Thank you for reading… truly.  As for me, I am going to go have another little cry now.  I miss that kitty.  (We called her Tiger Woods since she had markings of a tiger and we believe came out of a wooded section.)  Tears open our hearts… and wash away what needs to go yet also to be revitalized.  Dare to feel so alive.

A faint and partial sun halo before the storm but I saw it.  See, sunshine and roses!  Enjoy this full moon and your amazing life.  ❤

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