Night Light of the Soul


Many write on the Dark Night/Knight of the soul.  While it can be a night, it may also be a season or even for a lifetime.  Let’s though change this up a bit.  There is another side/extreme.  For some, they many feel a Light Night… night light of the soul.  Yes this is one of those infinity/∞ moments.  It is a flood… of light, truth.

One might have several, reveals.  Layers being shed and leaving a sense of relief.  Yet then even more truth pours in, pulses and flows.  At first just highlighting yet then, all that remains is a core of light.  Ahh.. it is there… it is you.  Just like a dark night, a holy moment.

During a dark night, one may be ready to die/depart/in great pain.  In a light night, one wants to live.  To live so freely, passionately… even, wild.  It is our nature.  You may feel raw, pure emotions weave in and out, just showing your depths.  And really, even in a dark night the real desire is to live – pain free.

Afterwards one may need time, silence and patience.  Forever changed yet…  how do you live, this?   Be, this?  Well, let’s just say, forever changed… period – one doesn’t have to overthink.  Again one loves and lives.  You breathe and know.  You look, admire and be.  You polish what needs to be polished as needed.  You continue to shine, an even brighter hue.

Just like a dark night… a light night is a passage, a birth, a second (or third or forth, lol) chance… life.  Embrace it for you are now, home.




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6 comments on “Night Light of the Soul

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    • Wow! What an amazingly good question. I can’t say that anyone wants or asks for one yet if they’ve had one they, know. Before mine I was warned “You might experience a few things to gain an understanding.” And boy did I! And compassion, deep! It can happen to break one wide open since we are creatures of habit and at times resistant to change. It is a passage, letting go and re-birth. Not all will have. For some, it might just be a night of extreme sadness/desperation with then an a-ha/divine moment and renewed hope. For others, it can last a “winter” or longer. Many say it’s the death of ego but I believe a bit differently. One might very much be ready to go, home. Mine was 18 months ago (well into my journey) yet still one of many defining events. I am different and better for it but when one is in it they need a lot of support, patience and LOVE!! They can sneak up on you, like fine one day and then… BAM! yet warning signs might also be there. As you work with your clients, you’ll see the before, during and after. You might have read my past account or google to read other’s experiences. When I started blogging I didn’t find much on it yet now… I’d bet there’s plenty.

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