Welcome to the Jungle or… Paradise?

I am now thumbing through pages of notes and wondering where to start.  It’s as if my mind is wondering, what just happened?  The past 10 days have been… almost indescribable.  As if lifetimes of work has been done and this may be truer than we realize.  Yet, depending upon who asked me, I could also say not much has happened; silence.  Hmm… 

So I will write more on what I know and my personal journey yet please know that a lot is going on right now and for many (even gifted/in tune) we don’t know/remember it all. Some though are having great new truth/messages emerge.

In my reality (because yes, this can be multidimensional yet I just can’t go there in this moment) I do seem to know that the choices one makes are important and I am allowing time; there is no rush.  While I could just let go of the past 10 days and start fresh in this moment, I can’t… yet.  I feel the old me that would continue on yet the new is trying to surface.  It’s as if the old ways need to be slowed/toned down and in moments of wonderful silence (because life is also happening), the new emergences.  For me, this wave at times seemed more personal and many gems/truths were provided yet I seem to now need my notes to remind me.  The messages I received make perfect sense and settled well yet…

The new ways/information/changes just needs time to catch up in it’s totality, integrate, and unfold.  And we also have fee will.  As we go to implement, more changes are made and new truths, become.  Blogging is often a way I honor any process I’ve had on this journey so, I’ll share what I can.

For some time I’ve been able to asses the collective and I often get a sense of the future/check point we’re headed towards.  I try to be as general as I can because each has unique personal topography and the check point can, change.  Right now though I have no idea about the future, lol.  Yes, I can joke about this.  Actually quite liberating.  Honestly there seems to be no push to get to the, next.  Interesting since this journey is often about advancing to the next step.  Well…  maybe this journey is about getting one caught up to their now that feels so good, there is no need to keep, ascending.

So it would be easier to just give an energy update.  I was given hint hints to an energy flood some time ago and I think many are swimming in it.  For some it came to them in their reality.  Huge, life altering experiences/realities and some of them were harsh.  I will mention, if the flood was one that didn’t feel like love/bliss/peace/amazing, if you allow the water to recede… you might just discover a treasure.  Patience.  Others have been up, down and round and round just like a trip to an amusement/water park.

I personally have been called more offline to work with several different groups who need some energy support.  One of them, the theme is safety, natural disasters and letting go of the material – oh boy.  It is also an interesting word choice, natural… disaster.  I wasn’t necessarily told of this in advance yet afterwards received validation/confirmation in several ways.  Not that I really needed it yet at the same time, it was nice.  Can I just say though that being a grid worker is not always easy and honestly at this point I’ve decided to make some conscious choices – in love.  Being an empath/grid worker is a volunteer job that not many speak of.  It also serves a purpose for the empath as well – to get one to a crossroads where you decide if you wish to continue this service, would like to live more of your own joyful life or, both.

So as I sat down with my laptop last night wondering what to type, the only whisper I heard was, The truth…?  Yes, but of course.

Often these energy waves/full moon/life will show one where they are off course or what now needs to be seen.  It might be small or it might appear quite a stark contrast, as if the blinders have been removed – oh so much to take in.  It can be overwhelming yet it doesn’t have to be.  You might now see what you want/how to/it landed in your lap (yippee)… or one might feel as if they are in a jungle, confused, disoriented – where’s the path?  Well, your heart is your compass.  You do have the tools.  Welcome to the Jungle… or Paradise… you decided.  Really the jungle and paradise are one in the same.  It’s all playing out here and now.

It can also be a great time to hear from a new angel/guide/higher self/teacher.

Years ago I wondered why some spiritual writers went, ghost.  It was obvious they got it and had a talent to share.  While I’ve been more recently understanding, boy did I really get it after this last wave.  There is something so profound… yes, that would be the right word since you find/found it in you and simply, there is no need to share.  You realize the divine perfection of it all. Weeks ago I could sense that my how was getting ready to change.  Yet, isn’t it always?  At times we camp, do the work, allow the path to unfold, skip down the path and/or just venture on and create a new one.  So the next few post (some will take longer than others) will be some a-ha’s I’ve come to – take what serves you and as always I am honored when you read and share your adventures/perspectives.  We are better together.

As a bit of a side note, I’ll share a quick grounding story.  Here we take our trash to a recycle center (verses street pick up).  As I pulled in, I was greeted by a new attendant.  I asked how he was doing and he said, it’s another day in paradise.  I let out a howl.  The recycle center (aka, dump)…?  Often far from anyone’s picture of paradise.  Yet, he meant it and I got it.  He was alive.  He was healthy.  He was getting paid for providing a needed service in our community.  He had a choice and made it daily.  Talk about a lightworker.  Now, for many, it does seem to be a time to slowly ground to our reality and get comfortable again.  To make changes (if needed) to make our reality, our paradise/Shangri la/Heaven on Earth.  Often in this journey we wait for that divine intervention and they do happen… yet… YOU have the power.  You’ve had it all along.  This isn’t about settling, it’s about creating and naturally, being.

Thank you for reading.  ❤


(p.s.  I haven’t had time to read any blogs in the past 10+ days.  Internet here has been spotty since the hurricane and I’ve also had to be so present.  At times… time is a blur.  Know that I am with you though!)

4 comments on “Welcome to the Jungle or… Paradise?

  1. I love the story from the recycling center. Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you much strength for whatever lightworker service you choose to provide in these difficult times. Hugs.

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  2. Thank you for all the Energy and Love you put into these post, especially at such an intense time, so it feels right now, I guess I’m in the Jungle, but that’s o.k. I will find my way back to Paradise soon!!

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