Jump Start to Surreal


Well… what is this energy wave?  Maybe it’s just me but… it’s not even 9 a.m. and walking in the multiple again.  It is like seeing the past, present and future.  You may notice time/date discrepancies, people who think they know you yet you’ve never meet or just general confusion.  It can be like now you see it, now you don’t – good fun!  I’ve caught so many people zooning out/traveling and it does seem to take a moment to, come back.

I will say that music can take you there.  I often write on music or include a song but it’s been a while.  Make a playlist and jam out!  I’ve got my headphones on right now.  Some of these frequencies are a choice and you, as a Master choose to place yourself in the vibration.  You are your own Gatekeeper, too.  So let yourself in.

What can help?  Remember a favorite memory or song – the feeling.  Pick that vibration.  This wave seems to be about personal power.  You can pull in as much as you need… but you have to open up to receive it.  Years ago I had to learn this.  Honestly at first it scared me.  We are conditioned to be reserve/tame/play nice… even numb.  While I love peace and calmness, their are time to live out loud… even if that means you find a room, close the door and have your own private jam session.  Remember your inner teenager.  Going wild might just be good for you.

As I was driving the song, What do you want from me came on the radio.  This song and I have history!  It was during a difficult time in my life and I used to scream sing it in the car.  Now, I still sing it passionately, lol.  Then on cue… a car passed me and got in front so I could read it’s bumper.  In bold letters it said – A head 4 profits.  lollllll  Can I tell you how often an old message gets pulled back up?  The Universe has already had word play with the profit/prophet word choice.  The Universe wants us to be/feel successful.

Yesterday I felt hours of peace.  It was as if I’ve been released from some “work” assignments.  A variety of body sensations/fine tune adjustments may also be felt.  Sleep, well… it seems to be all or nothing.  Urgh and lol.  I’ve found the energies running strong in the evening at bedtime so I wind down with meditation and sleepy tea.  Getting some outdoor time each day also seems to help balance.

PLEASE be patient with yourself right now.  Cut yourself some slack!  And other’s, too.  This is a wild and crazy time.

So much for working on those serious posts.  I am riding this wave.  After weeks/months of physical body clearing/upgrading and then 10 days of deep work… it now seems to be time to lighten up, float and… PLAY!


6 comments on “Jump Start to Surreal

  1. Molly, I just love you! Recently I have been listening to one particular rap CD in my car. It brings out my warrior spirit and I feel so much in my power when I listen to it.

    I had to work an event at work this past Friday night and the event coordinator called me and asked me to start a video to play on the screen. I said I don’t know how to do that. What!! As soon as I said it, it was like I snapped back and went and started the video. I do help with things like that as part of my job. But as I spoke those words out loud they felt like truth. Perhaps truth to another version of me in another reality? These are wild times indeed!

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    • Oh it’s like Christmas when I read comments – a gift! Thank you! I am a white girl who loves rap/soul/top 40 so I get it! One night I was eating potatoes and all of a sudden I had like a throat reflex and my mind was saying, you hate potatoes. I was like wooo.


  2. Yes I am definitely feeling it big time….”straddling dimensions” for sure, I too Molly find that jamming out helps, and it needs to be up LOUD! Thank you for this, and yes it can get a bit scary/exhausting, to say the least! 😜

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    • It sounds/feels different with headphones on MAX… oh so not the traditional meditation yet it works. Do the best you can, REST and repeat. ❤ I've now felt several shifts in the past 24 hours alone – yippie… hoping this means a reprieve and more joy incoming.

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