What happens when sleeping giants awake?


A few months ago I awoke from a dream-like state and felt like I’d been walking with giants.  Then more recently I was feeling this energy again yet now in me/my reality.  Big, shifts.  Well, no fear… let’s play!  A spiritual journey is often well spaced out yet non-stop awakenings/a-ha’s/epiphanies and divine moments.  It’s also some bizarre stuff and at times, muck and hard work!  Really hard work yet it should and can be, fun.  While I am often Zen, I could feel much stirring in me.  So this post is more of the random from the past few weeks and a more well organized/theme post, soon

First, the energy remains high.  For some, you will feel this in you and it can feel like excitement or a variety of other sensations.  You are coming back online and isn’t it great to be alive?!  For some though, outside you as pressure/stress/events yet this is a great way to see what needs to be seen.  Blessed are those who are holding peace and doing their thing.  Well, we’re all blessed.  My ears have been ringing often the past two days so I know many are getting new Guides.  Even if you don’t hear Spirit (yet), remain open.  And, haha, the birds right now are going crazy outside, singing = incoming news.

A post I was working on seemed to show up in the wrong time/space yesterday.  It will be coming soon so I apologize if you happened to receive; a teaser.  Update – ugh wordpress, now three times??  I’ve had this happen before.  As I go to schedule it forward, it places it in the past.  I chuckle since the writing seems to be a past thought/reality, already.

Before, during and after the hurricane, I could see those who were easily triggered.  Many do always function at a higher state of alert.  When you can pull from your inner peace/foundation, you don’t tend to react/respond/overcompensate/need to make right so quickly.  You stay “home”, safe and know that you are/have enough verses putting yourself in harms way.  Since the energies remain high, act in knowing which keeps you safe.  When uncertain this can be a stand down/by or… in fun (that vibration), fake it till you make it.  When one is Code Red/stressed/heightened state of alert can = accidents.  Yet accidents are also divine.  Meditation can = self-soothing.  Can I say that self-soothing is not know/automatic for all and can become a lifesaving art form.  It just takes practice and finding a way that works for you.  I’ve found that just slowing another down a bit by a smile and then breathing (subtlety reminding one to) can also help.

The world is, at times, our mirror and often a reminder.  Here we lost many piers after the hurricane.  I then realized that I, too, had let go of a few peers… in knowing and gratitude.  In a variety of our relationships, contacts/terms have and will shift.

All hearts are energetically connected and we are feeling… much.  At times it can be a bit overwhelming.  One might be assisting another by anchoring/stabilizing energy.  Or you may be one of many in an group that is working through an issue.  Patience and love works!

Real time/life connection is also important.  At times we need an anchor to help ground us and other times we need a reminder to hop on the hot air balloon.  I had a day were I felt as if I was in a bubble/my energy didn’t match anyone else’s.  While this probably happens often, it seemed to be highlighted.  By the end of the day, I was ready for this bubble to fade and a friend then seemed to reset me; by reminding me who I am.  Understanding helps.  While there are times we need to be alone, we didn’t come here to do this alone.  Be that friend.

I also had a day where much seemed to annoy me and I found it interesting the things that did.  Annoyance = a teaching moment/a-ha.  Yet, I write this more to say it’s okay to be spiritual and also at times, over it.  We need more moments where we laugh at ourselves.  So I will share two examples yet don’t judge (or do) since I am being honest:  Like if I saw one more super/full/special/rare moon article.  Hmm, why was this annoying me because I love the moon, being in synch with her cycles and yes, I even write on this yet…  I didn’t realize what was really stirring in me.  Many of us need to up the ante a bit since one can go from this rare, special and super moon to another for the rest of their life.  In my journey I’ve gone from, what are these people talking about to then experiencing it to… well, I smile.  My stance has often been… every moment and breathe is important.  The good news is, the word is getting out there – yippee!  Creation at it’s finest.  For some of us, new ways/teachers though are trying to bubble up for the next frontier.  And… a good reminder to get off the computer… disconnect/refresh!

I was also now seeing spirituality and politics marring in a variety of ways.  I think of spirituality as being neutral and it now looked like a religion/agenda/personal preference (which we are all entitle to) and politics.  This was challenging me a bit but I decided to let go.  Oh there is so much one can let go of.

I’ve been receiving some guidance on the stranger things that have happened to me over the past 7 years (yes, some answers need patience).  This post is already long enough so I won’t elaborate at this time.  I also did some homework online.  So many perspectives and my experience and now understanding seemed to be a mix of what I found.  Let’s just say there are so many ways to describe ascending/awakening/over soul/higher self/braided soul/etc.  I’ve also been meaning to write more on lay/ley/energy lines – another time.

I was reminded of a message:  A teacher is only as good as their energy.  Often a teacher/healer can only meet one where they have gone; only go as far as they’ve gone.  I then chuckled to myself because (and saying humbly) … I have been to both Heaven and Hell and a few strange places in-between 🙂  This journey will have you search depths and heights.  Your healing, of yourself, is a gift. You, not being triggered is a gift.  You are then able to hold space for another’s moment of healing and empowerment.  Your presence is a gift.  A huge one!  The 3D world breeds multitasking which can = lack of time/attention… well, hmm… maybe this is good practice for seeing/being multidimensional.  Our youth is able to do it with ease.

And what might seem like a random side note, I was presented with the word, SIN.  It’s been a while since I’ve even heard this word.  And for some reason the word lingered with me.  From my perspective, there are no sins.  Yet then I made a connection that resonated.  Sin = trauma… a wrong doing that another felt.  Trauma = healing = love.  Sin = invitation for more love…?  You decide.  🙂

Love your thoughts and feelings because, whatever you’re feeling/thinking, you’re healing.  It can though take the gift of, time.

Many awakening are/have been women.  Pan any group/workshop/spiritual event and you’ll see this has been going on for quiet some time.  I guess you could say it’s just easier for a woman to gravitate/show up.  This though is also The anchoring in of the divine feminine.  It’s been going on for some time and will continue.  And… in my opinion, us woman also need to awaken our men.  ❤  Just a thought. 🙂

With these energy waves you might get to a point where, you still feel them but choose how you, ride.  Moments of being disoriented… like life is a blur are also normal; it’s for a reason.  It is a time to be open and listen when the messages come.  Sort through it all later.  As all settles, you’ll see what’s true.  Yet, even truth is not meant to be held on to.  You do have free will to pick and choose and believe/do/create as you desire.  Everything changes when you change.

So… more than enough for now.  Thank you for reading.  Have FUN walking with your Giants.  No fear!  They are a teacher and friend.

UPDATE:  After I hit publish, the ground started shaking here, literally.  It happens on occasion yet most don’t seem to notice/be concerned.  The GIANTS are walking.  Let’s play!


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