Retired Lightworker? Part II


It’s good to take a little break… isn’t it?  Welcome back and thanks for reading! 

So hang with me as we talk on healing for just another minute…

I am seeing again reminders that generational karma is playing out and for some, is being acknowledged and healed – connecting the dots.  (Personal) healing is a big part of a lightworkers journey.  A person/event can continue to trigger another though (past your own ah-ha/healing) until one can see the pain that person’s in.  It’s not that they are trying to hurt you… in some ways they feel safe enough to release their pain onto you… because they hope you’ll remember and then remind them… of who they are, that they are safe, and love/loved.  Yes, let’s take a breath because, this doesn’t work in every situation.  We fumble through many moments and this is okay.  Some remain unconscious/forget, so all you can do is try, be consistent from your new framework and be patient yet move along… in knowing and love.

I can now see that when, some time ago, I felt like I couldn’t remember/unearth my divine plan (being in the underworld), I started ascending/making a new one (and this was building a lightbody).  So much for being psychic and accessing my records… my plan seemed to be locked away in a vault, lol.  It’s easy to say, search your heart.  The reality is it might take some time to get to it.  Yet know that you’re living your divine plan as you do this.  So it’s not that one is to create a new life, although you do.  It’s more getting back to the original plan.  The depth work and the height work, met.  To allow one’s soul to truly live… as it originally came in as.  Right here and now.  To remember ones gifts – that we were/are our oversoul/higher self/Master… connected to something far greater.  It’s also a return to innocence.  Ease and grace.  Patience and love.

While I’m not sure of the exact age for me, it feels like seven.  As if I was in a magical bubble until then… before the empath kicked in and I absorbed too much of others, and/or the world conditioned on how to live/was told who to be, and wanting everyone happy (which I still kinda do but this is not my job).  For some, it might seem like a 10-80 year small detour yet you now acknowledge/understand, it was to be that way.  Guidance was joking:  We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.  Yup.

When you have a poor foundation… pour a new foundation.

So… love time, ego, your questions, struggles and wounds.  How else are you going to get, here.  Back to a place of peace and knowing while you’re still on Earth.

This journey can reset you to a life you dreamed of as a child.   More than likely though it has nothing to do with an agenda/goal, more so magic, play and ease.  I remember talking with others and many could remember and at times I wish I could.  Yet, I also took this as a positive thing.  I had a clean slate.  Endless options and opportunities.

My reality now is so many things make me happy and give me a sense of purpose.  This is a blessing.  It doesn’t have to be… this or that.  At times it’s both or neither.  To now live healed and free – amazing and a gift.  And to actually not, expect this or that is also very freeing.  While we are intuitive/knowing… … there are just so many wonderful surprises on this journey.

It is interesting though as I pondered on several of the topics I’ve received in my remembrance/spiritual journey.  While I often freely shared, at times a few felt like they were unique and special for me… yet now, I look at them so neutral.  They got me to this point.  Many will hit a topic/theme/knowing/set point and know that this is their purpose and then build/create a life around that.  That push that many feel it to get one to a place of knowing.  Well, this seems to be a set point/place of knowing for me.

There is a reason why I had to have the lightworker/body experience and I now understand and really that’s all that matters. I’ve decided to leave out the details yet that might be why you are reading this.  So if you have questions, you can always email. It has served a purpose and will again possibly in the future; divine neutrality.  This is a grand design/plan and we are given more than enough to succeed/experience.  But at some point one might need to let go of the healing/seeking/upgrading/evolving pursuit.

I started this blog with my mind/vision/goal on the year 2020 as I received some guidance on this.  Then, my mind still needed a goal (3D).  I needed a little motivation and was willing to work hard (also 3D) towards this.  The goal though almost doesn’t matter because it is here and now.  Every soul and moment, matters.  And, new messages on 2020 and other dates are breaking through for many – yippee.

I will say that when a lightworker gets flowing, one can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  That their hard work will be rewarded.  (I know that many do without needing a “reward”.)  Many build a blog/facebook page/practice/platform and just keep giving it all they have.  Build it and they will come.  Persistence does often work yet it might also take incredible patience (years).  I’ve loved the process – every minute in my own humble ways.  I can see that if I continue on this way, it will work out and honestly it would be easy to yet… more recently something else has also been stirring.  And/so, maybe all one has to do is see the light inside.

So in some ways, I am being reset to a slightly different experience.  I could say I don’t wish to “ascend” more since I am happy with the life and gifts that I have.  It’s like you work this process till you know/are satisfied.  Yet, I also know that this will naturally continue.  Healing/growing/remembering/changing.

Ascending is amazing and sacred… and it’s also quite a commitment.  I so understand why this takes lifetimes.  One can choose to ascend for the rest of their life here.  For me, I had to ask myself… but do I want to?  How many parts/stories does one need to embody to feel, whole?  Enough/satisfied?  Well… it is a process and takes however long it takes yet it can be here and now (as I look around and see so many things I wish to embrace as I now am).

This journey is about getting one to a state of remembrance and peace.  For some it just takes a little, for others, a lot.  It’s also about getting as many layers of your life as you’d like, up to par.  Once you’ve healed/transcended your mental, emotional and physical body, it then takes a looks at your life again yet, moving outward.  This is where one then transcends their reality.  Now, because you’re strong… healthy and ready enough to do so.  So how you work/play/live may change dramatically because you finally allow those doors to open.  Your life can now be reset because you’ve been reset.  You stop wondering/waiting/whining because you know you’re a powerful creator/being and the Universe will support you in any choice you make.  There is no other choice… other than to smile and feel blessed… and this is a contagious vibration.

When I found the lightworker word/niche, I knew it was me.  I claimed it.  Well, now it’s a large pool!  And interesting, now there’s not much I need to claim… or prove.  Very freeing!

Well… gheez – this is got wordy yet it is nice to spend time together.  So I will make a part III for… tomorrow?  Let’s say, soon (or lol, now here)  So much is changing and in the big picture, quite rapidly.  I feel such peace, love and gratitude!


{  After I initially wrote this part, I went to run some errands.  Oh how Spirit speaks .  On the radio, Got to be true to myself  by Ziggy Marley.  I was then cut off by a car that had a large sticker on it saying, seize the day.  I smiled.  Good reminders and confirmation.  At times we are resistant to change. We cling to ways that got us thus far.  Life is good and too short.  It is inviting us to be, more.  Often what seem like endings are just beginning.

A week or so ago I had a dream about a soft shelled crab.  I was given this sandwich – which wouldn’t be my choice, lol, yet got my attention.  I then saw the symbolism.  A soft shell crab sheds it’s hard shell so that it can grow into a new and larger one.  It’s also often done with a full moon.  (More info on molting here.)  }

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  3. Yes, Blogging takes time to build up an audience. I started my blog in 2012… I wasn’t starting because of the big 2012 event coming soon. I was just starting to go deeper into Spirituality. I still struggled with Christian teachings about Channeling and Oracles. Yet I was so drawn to use Oracle Cards… Who knew that after I let go of Fear of Hell, which is one letter away from Heal, I would go so far into the water. I still run across Christian’s arguing that Channeling is devilish, but I can now only smile.

    It as been a long journey with what started out as a very Bipolar based Blog.

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