Trick or… Treat


How is everyone doing?  Wowziers has this been a time.  This is just a quick check-in.  I’ve been decompressing… still and boy is life happening.  I’ve had some intense ear tones coming in this evening.  Intense.  One came with a brief wave of vertigo that almost brought me to my knees.  Headache, yep!  The theme for the day was… Trick or Treat.  I was sending back, no tricks… just treats.  We also seem to be having some “fire drill” practice (yes, think broad/symbolic here). 

For some, the inner fire has been lit and is burning strong.  For some, more like a state of emergency yet then you look again and it might just then disappear as if it was a false alarm.  It’s a time of potentially having to many tabs/realities open.

Let go.  Pull in.  Clear.  Try again… yet choose wisely.

The other day as I went to write the word, neutralize, and paused.  Being neu tral = a possible new trail. New pathways that are forming in our brain, seem to be running strong right now.  This will manifest into new thoughts here soon.  Breathe and open up that amazing brain of yours.  This week I’ve seen signs to so slow yet the days are flying by.  And for fog – things unknown/unclear yet one might feel in a haze.  Be patient.  Yesterday as I tried to check in I heard, Servers are down.  LOL.  Spirit was in a joking mood.

I am trying to tidy up the drafts folder so here is a random short tidbit:  While there are times to focus, have a vision and do the work… there are also times to pause, take a deep breath and zoom out.  What is going on in the big picture?  Where are you needed or need to know, now?  What would bring you joy?  You might just be surprised at how you are placed so perfectly or could be moved so easily.  Don’t allow uncertainty to rattle/stifle you.  You came here to experience and flourish.  What are you now ready to, see?

Alright kiddoes’!   Life’s too short… pick and enjoy your favorite peace/piece of candy/sweet.

More later!

7 comments on “Trick or… Treat

  1. I’ve noticed that my son has been struggling more than he had been last spring. I’m thinking that he’s picking up on all of what the upcoming election is stirring up in the ethers (or what it represents that is being stirred up). I’m hoping to see a shift in him some time soon after the election; hopefully for the better.

    My physical body is still dealing with the fallout from some intense (too intense) energy healing shifts I created this summer, but energetically things are looking better and better.

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    • Oh I can relate to both of these statements! I have two teens and believe they pick up and clear… much! At times I remind them and then at times they remind me to lighten up and chill! And I was going to write today that I can feel a/nother shift coming, starting in Nov… that magical month of 11 and thanksgiving. And I, too, had at least 6 weeks towards the end of the summer that – wowziers – kicked my butt almost daily. At times I wondered if it would ever end. I feel soo good now and am grateful!! ❤ ((HUG))


  2. Whoa..”My Brain definitely has too many tabs open”, I really like this analogy!!
    Big TONE came through for me last evening, it was short and sweet this go around!
    I must share this….. seeing the brain in this image evoked some serious feelings…I have a dear friend that had a massive heart attack (she is my age) on Friday 10/14, she has been in CCU since then on a ventilator/heavy sedation, to make an incredibly painful story short, all is waiting on blood work now to see if the brain has survived!
    I have strong Hope and Faith that it has!! May I ask for your Prayers please!!?
    And OMG Molly, if time goes any FASTER, I feel I am going to be left behind…wow!!

    Love and Big (((HUGS)))) ❤

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  3. Over here the feeling ofbeing rattled is happening onmany levels – both inner and outer. The vacant lot next door has become an industrial building site, the weather is crazy with strong winds and my head and body feel very weird indeed. I appreciate your insights into what’s going on.

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