A Pink Ray

Some time ago I remember reading on the Blue Rays.  It was a type of lightworker.  Much of it I could identify with.  Last night, as I meditated, I was informed I now had my own unique ray… and it was pink.  That one could do much with this ray of light.  I smiled.  There are so many ways to connect… receive… and use one’s gifts.  The Universe provides endless options so I’m just passing along.

One can connect with a ray in meditation.  You can then in time expand it.  It can be a pillar or column.  It can feel like a light bath.  Warm, relaxing, rejuvenating.  This alone is enough.  You can also use it to heal, communicate, vision and manifest.

Some do associate a pink ray with a certain energy/name/angel… really, this is up to you.  It is a vibration of peace and love.  I recommend you explore and create your own rainbow.

I have noticed I am anchoring more of the 9D energy.  It sneaks up on me.  It is a very mystical energy and not like 3D… or any other energy.  It is here though and at times so subtle.  An example, a bird brought me a reminder in her song.  It’s hard to explain.  Often one has to experience to know.  So I will see where this mystical energy takes me.

For now, let’s sing:


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