Welcome to The Mystery


I sat in meditation.  On the back deck under the sun on a fall morning.  I could feel both the crispness of the air and the warm sun.  I chuckled though because it just felt like summer the other day.  Change and contrast is in the air as I breathe.  It’s easy to fall in love in these moments.  No matter what is going on, meditation brings me back to center.  Yet, often so does a hug, a smile and laughter.  In meditation, I could feel the power of whatever is next.  Yet it is now.  It wasn’t definable to my mind and I am okay with this.  It’s the mystery.  The Universe’s story and I am just one of many players… well, let’s say artists.  We all are. 

As I slept last night I could feel the, filtering.  I’ve felt this before.  It’s where all the random leaves one.  You might feel it in your body or mind.  You may here random words that really don’t make much sense or see quick spats of colors or visions.  I send love and light to my body starting at my toes and working up and out.

We are being invited to partake in the mystery.  Knowing what we know, yet willing to be surprised or even challenged at times.  To open our hearts wider than we realized we could.  Mystery for me = My Story… yet it is all of our story.  And it is grand.  Let’s walk, play and love.  Life beckons.


(Picture found online by Spencer Byles)


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