Part III – Write/right the future


Good things comes in three’s… right?  So picking back up where we left off.  I had this section written and ready yet… I was still a bit hesitant.  This is also the current energy for many.  The next week or so may feel like choppy waters.  Yes, no, yes, then no answer at all and, all in the same day.  A lot of changes are happening.  I do feel several shifts coming in November yet really this is constant. I was reminded yesterday that we’re in the accelerated track/reality.  There are times on this journey where adjustments are being made in another time/space yet it does all synch up.  I have been seeing a lot of synchronicities.  ❤ that!  So stay anchored or float knowing that smooth sailing will be yet again here soon.  For now, we do the best we can and remain open.  Eyes, ears, hearts, minds… and arms.  Gheez, many just need a hug right about now.  And, if you are smooth sailing – yippee!

So I practiced being, retired for just a few days and here’s how it goes:

So what do you do?  Well, I am retired.  I celebrate everything.  Hmm, maybe I’ve been retired for longer than I realized.  See, so simple.  When one is retired they only do what they want to do.  They relax.  In joy… one enjoys the fruits of their labor.  They do what they love, try new things and spend time with family and friends.  That’s the vibration we are to live out.  The rest of your life can be a celebration. Okay, I am now understanding the highlights/lessons from this retired theme/vibration.

Yet… it didn’t seem to last long since I was right back at my laptop typing away… and about pink rays (that sounds pretty lightworkerish).

While I understood and agreed with the messages I received, there was a peace/piece I was missing.  Ever notice that Guidance often leaves a piece out, lol.  When the spiritual journey throws you a curve ball… you still play (and often you do hit a home run).  I knew though I could find the answer on a higher vibration and it was my job to, ask.  So even now, the story continues to change in each new moment.  Flexible, loose…?  Yup!  New pieces are often added to this collage.

The other day, I was making a note on the moon cycle and will share.  Now the moon is waning   →  ←, going from the full to a new.  A time to process and let go.  As it waxes  ←  →, the new to the full moon and light, we fill/expand/gather/come into (more/new) knowing.  And then I listened to Anne ( ❤ her), I literally heard these words again – synch indeed!  We are all connected.

For some time I’ve been in a habit of asking the Universe, what’s next?  I’m not so sure I’ll be doing that as much. The Universe will keep sending it (lessons/practice/etc.) till you make some very clear decisions/statements and follow them up with action – this is walking in Mastery.  I realized I again need to make some changes.  This journey can become tailor fitted.  So let’s wear it well.

So I am done (in a good way) with writing the wrong. I then smiled as I got it – time for me to flip this around.  It’s time to write the future.  I won’t worry about the right part since it does always work out.  Can I also joke the acronym would be… WTF.  Yup.  Perfect for my sense of humor.  While I’ve done some of this future visioning… so much of this journey and blog has been about releasing/healing the… gunk.  It’s not always fun or pretty but we get it done.

So… while a lightworker aspect might come to a completion, your life is just starting.  When one gets to this crossroads, you may just choose a new title yet for me… that doesn’t serve in this moment.  The ones who may need us the most might not ever know/understand about chakra’s, ascending or multiple realities.  They don’t need to.  They will be drawn though to our love and light.  That’s what they need.  So simple.  As one is trying to push on in their purpose… is one missing their purpose?  Walk humbly my friends.

The interesting thing is, the other day as I thought I understood the wave of messages I received, I sat in a long meditation and opened my heart.  Wider and wider and wider.  I asked the Universe to show me what matched that vibration/my next step in the path/to do.  What was brought to me in less than 24 hours was actually quite a surprise.  It had nothing to do with my spiritual work… yet it did.

So I will now shift into my random story teller mode as this is what I had written for this post.  More just noting/exploring the personal side of a journey; to let another know all of this is normal as we evolve and journey on.

I remember a few years ago I’d just completed writing several manuscripts.  My goal was to just finish, one.  Oops.  Yet, I remember a feeling I had.  It had been a passion yet something didn’t feel right.  A lifelong friend said to me, will you just listen to your soul?  What I didn’t understand at the time was, I just needed to let go and trust verses pushing on.

I shifted to blogging which was a surprise to me.  Spirit encouraged me to take my words to the sky (internet) as well as a soul sister and my significant other.  I am forever grateful since I seem to be a Forrest Gump of writing and obviously hadn’t gotten it out of my system.  Blogging was a totally different experience and gave me a new/different voice, opportunities, interactions and groups.  I will say though that writing/blogging/maintaining a site takes incredible time, focus and has been, for me (like many others), 100% volunteer service.  Yet, not without gifts – many of you fellow readers/bloggers have helped me more than you realize.  I thank you… yes, you!

An issue with being a spiritual writer/blogger is… it never end!  For me, Spirit gives/inspires more than I could ever write.  As much as I love giving collective updates/inspiration/messages and sharing some of my own personal story… a feeling kicked in for me and I knew I had to let go, again.  I’ve written 640 posts (equality a 1, new beginnings…?).  While it might be a drop in the bucket to another, was this enough for me?  I’ve written on dreams, signs, messages, music, collective clearings, ascending, energy updates, healing, not giving up as well as all my very true, in the moment, stories.  The good, the bad, the bizarre.  While often in ease, others birthed from struggle.  Regardless, it has been much joy and love.

When I decided to be a lightworker, I was excited/had passion in getting the word out and in offering services.  Ha!  How quickly I was corrected.  While that’s been a part of this… it became an internal journey and so much more.  I am better for having this broad and deep experience.  I am also very happy to be… me.  We really aren’t any label.  We are amazing, infinite and forever changing.

I’ve been more on the ground these past few months (verses in a cocoon/cave or in the clouds – stages of the journey).  My life has become full in new ways.  I like and wish to be present in all that I do.  So how does one balance it all since a few desires have also been stirring.  It’s a strange mix though.  There is something to a simple and private life.  Knowing that those who need to find one, will.  And that our soul/the Universe leads one to where they need to be.  I’ve seen on several occasions how Angels/the Universe/my soul literally saved my life.  So to say that I have trust is actually an understatement.

As far as blogging… so many times this year I’ve reached what seemed to be a stopping point.  Yet, I continued on.  Like many, this blog isn’t me… it’s just a side/part/aspect of me.  With this last round, a pressure that I didn’t even know was released.  Really I have no expectations/agenda yet… we do.  So the stopping feeling/review does at times seem contra-productive when you feel, in some ways, you’re in a momentum/following a certain path.  Like, how will this ever work out?  Trust that your soul/Spirit is creative and has your back.  All I know is… the mystery starts yet again.  Good thing I like surprises since I know they will be in store.  At this point, I take it moment by moment.  In gratitude, love and often amazement.

I continue to be of service (and would guess this page will get update, too).  I look forward to public interactions as well as private, one-on-one healing and growth work/fun.  That is how this journey is to be – FUN!  And you never know what beach or mountain trail I might end up on.  See you soon…?

I AM… sending out big love and light.  However that unfolds.  Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.  For now… see where love takes you next.  I will be doing the same.    (Often loves brings me right/write back to my keyboard.)


(Months later I’d read this again and smiled.  Just within a few months so much, changed.  I did continue to write… yet if it get’s quiet on this blog, know that things are not always as they appear  😉

5 comments on “Part III – Write/right the future

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  2. You are just SO Amazing Miss Molly, thank you for this beaYOUtiful story, and can I say I love your sense of humor, always making me smile when I need it the most!
    Big Love, Big (((Hugs))) All Ways ❤

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  3. Molly, this resonates with me. The feeling that I have pivoted to a new direction, yet now knowing what that entails. Someone showing up in my life again that I haven’t seen or spoken to in a couple of years. It didn’t end badly before just more like it drifted away. We ran into each other at a free presentation that I did not even plan to attend and it was like we just spoke yesterday. My messages have been to focus on the Light, trust my inner knowing. It seems like information (feelings) come so fast and furious that I barely have time to process it. I definitely have been getting the same, we are in accelerated times. You are a guiding light Molly.

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    • I ❤ it when you comment! Thank you for your kindness. And you might like tomorrow's post. It's more pics than words but seems to mirror some of your words. I ❤ you!


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