Spirit remind me

Just sharing some pictures.  As I glanced to the sky, I saw a dna chain/ladder cloud.  The pics are a bit faint; Spirit is often subtle.  One may be feeling a bit sleepy, blasé, achy, mild headache, etc. with this energy and it’s temporary.  We’re going into a fun and reunion weekend.  I’ve also been seeing many, curves in the sky.

When one’s been heading in a direction but things are about to change.  Ha… and a few X’s too.  Important crossings ahead.  ❤

And here was my sunrise.  Awe inspiring indeed.

Hard not to remember peace and that all is well when one is reminded in the beauty and simplicity.  Breathe it in and remain open.  Wishing all a wonderful weekend… new moon… Halloween… sacred time.

2 comments on “Spirit remind me

  1. As always incredible pictures! Yesterday I felt all of the above and maybe a little bit more, at times I felt I was walking in quick sand, very out of it yesterday…TODAY I feel totally painless, and upbeat, so yes it was temporary, thank you for this, I truly was thinking it was all the stress/grieving, and I’m sure that was playing a part, but to have it lifted like this is amazing! I’m so very grateful, as I have lots of loved ones to be strong for. ❤

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