Hallowed be


This will be short and sweet.  I awoke thinking about, reverence.  Respect.  Seeing everything as sacred and perfect.  You will walk slower and appreciate more.  This Halloween weekend for some is an energy receiving/upgrading weekend.  A pause. 

I’d usually be warned of these.  To go slow and keep things simple and I’d be glad that I did heed the warning. My body seemed busy (on the inside) and I just needed to rest since I didn’t have as much energy .  If one is used to go, go, going, you have a choice to push on or slow into the, you’re not quite sure what this is.  For me, this weekend seems like a milder version as I am able to go and do but I am feeling heart twinges, pangs (expansions) and energy dips.  You might also feel restless when what one does need is to rest/reset.  The magical month of November, an 11, is almost here.

I’ve also been setting intentions.  Very clear ones yet I often ask that Spirit work through me since we only know a certain amount here.  There is a much larger plan at work.  Also, know that your loved ones are close – think very broad here and be open to their signs and gifts.

While it might be a busy time and appear that ghosts and goblins are running amuck… yes, think symbolic here.  Pull in and find your center, light and peace.  The word hallow means to sanctify; to make holy or treat as holy.  You are.  We all are.  Everything is.  Happy hallow my dear sweet souls.  Now, have some fun!


(pic found online)

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