From Triangulation to Freedom

I do often find the cyclical nature of this journey interesting (I wrote this a year ago). I guess one could say that some lessons get reviewed/revisited several times until one gets it; the depth of the lesson. And interesting since I’ve been seeing triangles often here lately. The lesson/situation often presents in different set of dynamics yet the core issue remains the same. Remember we came here to realize and traverse an interesting terrain. To bring to light and a higher vibration. So while this might not fit another’s current situation, I share again for those who need to find (to spark one’s own discernment) and to move forward in love, light and appreciation.

2020 Spiritual Vision


Oh I love it when a “surprise” comes into my energy. To be honest though, the surprising energy has long been there. It’s easier to just, not see it. We deal with issues as we can.  Today, triangulation.

I first heard this word years ago. I was told, “You are being triangulated.” I didn’t understand what this meant but from reading body language, I didn’t think it was a good thing.

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