What do you choose?

I went on a beach walk yesterday.  The beach/ocean/water… well, Mother Nature in general is often my teacher.  I picked up this simple shell.  Many ignore gray/black shells but it just means they have history; been under for longer.  I could see and feel where the shell could have ended – where it might have just been a small shell.  Yet somehow it continued to grow.  It might have also been from another shell laying on it and the pressure in the depths of the ocean.  All symbolic.  We are uniquely formed by our experiences.

I awoke this morning and sat outside in meditation.  I brought my camera since it was still dark and I am often greeted by an amazing sight as I open my eyes.  This morning I opened my eyes to very grey skies.  No sunrise what so ever.  I still smiled.  I still felt overwhelming love for all… including the silver sky.  I can though remember moments/steps in this journey – many birthed/unfolded in great confusion, pain or needing an answer or certain situation.


Guidance is quiet this morning for me and this is okay.  What I do feel is new connections and revelations are coming.

I have been wondering for awhile if random “strangers” or family members are our gatekeepers.  Now I can say, YES!  While one might meet a gatekeeper in an astral realm, they are also here and now.  Checking on you and seeing if you are ready or to remind you of the, next.  Embrace situations because they are rarely what they seem.

We are at a crossroads.  How do you wish to close out this month?  What vibration do you wish to anchor and bring in?  What can you let go of and… trust.  Last night I ran out and left my camera at home.  For me, my camera is more important than a credit card.  Like, never leave home without it.  I saw the most amazing sunset and several mini rainbows that reflected in the clouds.  That’s what I’ll be thinking of.

So as I wrote this… a few new hues set in.  We are alchemist.  Choose your reality/realities wisely.  Hoping all are well.  ❤

Update:  Ha, caught a mini.  Keep your eyes and hearts open!



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