Regroup… then proceed


I’ve been staring at this screen for about ten minutes.  This is so not like me – I’ve often mentioned that passion/Spirit steers me to the keyboard and I just type.  It may be a reflection of the energy and at the same time I guess my mind is trying to make sense of the past week… month… year.  Like, wowziers!  Yet… I let go.  Last night was a busy night; awakening several times.  Sleep won though verses remembering.  I sat in meditation this morning and it was so quiet and peaceful.  While I love this, so often a message/knowing/direction will come.  I smiled knowing this is the new and it often starts quietly and in a state of peace. Continue reading

Just Show Up

Break over, lol.  And my version of wordpress has a new button.  I just clicked on, write… and I AM!  So… where were we?  Oh, it doesn’t matter because we have shift, SHIFT, shifted so many times!  Wowziers.  Do/did you feel it, too?  As if a line in the sand and that is old and this is NEW.  It is a letting go of stories/drama/lifetimes of stuff.  While there are many of these moments on this journey, some seem more significant than others.  And.. Continue reading

Live Laugh Love Vibration


I don’t know what was in the air yesterday.  Well, good energy!  So it’s not that anything in particular, happened… or that much was different.  It was just this feeling and all day long.  It was like the, best day ever.  As the sun set, I heard a whisper:  This energy represent 2017.  Oh yes…  bring it!   In the evening though… Continue reading

Rising up from the ashes


I am writing this post for a variety of reasons so it holds a few different perspectives.  On my mind this morning… well actually for a few weeks now, wildfires that have been burning in several states (VA, NC, TN, GA).  While I know this is divine.. it holds much meaning.  On a very human level, I’ve been touched to see the outpouring of caring and dedicated firefighters and community members.  Continue reading

Light Upgrades & Insomnia


Oh I always love it when I am in new water.  Over a week ago I was informed new light codes would be coming online and I seemed to know what this meant.  That I would in some way physically feel them as they awakened/one embodies.  I’ve had six weeks of feeling awesome yet before that was a very physical phase.  While I know these upgrades are for our benefit…  as they’ve progressed/with the last round, I realized I am a bit of a wimp, lol.  They can be a punch to one’s body.  I have to remind myself to breath, remain open and trust.  They can happen with ease and grace. Continue reading

Gratitude, Humility & Love

Tomorrow… brought a serving of humble.  While it’s been a while, I’ve written on humility before.  Humility is powerful.  It makes what’s important so crystal clear.  So as many of us move forward, we might have just had a dose dished our way.  Enjoy!  Really, it doesn’t get much better.  Much is written on claiming one’s greatness and this is part of the journey yet, humility is just as important.  So I came to three words last night:  Gratitude.  Humility.  Love.  That was what’s important and might just be my mantra for this Thanksgiving week.  You wouldn’t think a (spiritual) person would need this reminder, but… Continue reading

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming


This is not urgent nor a warning.  This is just in fun/gest… well, sort of.  Today has flown by and I just told myself I was going to get off my laptop and shut down for the evening.  Well… the energy is high and can be felt as intense or even a push so, I am back at my laptop for a quick checking in.  If you’re feeling it, too, you are not alone.  Breathe, go slow, keep it simple.  This is an interrupting to anything that we are in the routine of/our 3D program.  So please stand by because messages/guidance/change will be incoming… in dreams, signs, knowing, reality, etc.  For now though, we anchor in this, dose.  And while we’ll return to our program here soon, probably not the same.  Continue reading