Bliss Energy


As I awoke, I saw a different hue in the sky.  Mystical and I smiled.  As the morning continued, the suns rays seemed to pour and remind.  By the early afternoon, an energy was running strong and the only other word I came to was, accelerated.  I’ve felt that with the last two waves I’ve felt, it’s been a choice.  It can be just as easy to get busy/distracted/too serious and not feel it (and hey, this is also okay).  So you, too, may be seeing/feeling this.  It can though manifest in so many ways. 

I like to keep it simple so I don’t get caught up in naming these energy waves.  Often you just feel them and float in bliss.  They are different than receiving a message.  There are many types and on occasion I do ask as I first feel it.  Like, whoo who/what is this?  The energy combination today I don’t think I’ve felt in almost two years.  High and joyful.  Very.  The energy will remind you that we take this… all of this way too serious.  The energy though had a surprise for me since I was also get messages.

So I did ask what this energy was and heard, this is what you call death.  I stopped in my tracks.  As the message continued it was explained that many have gone home/on and reunions are happening.  There was no sorrow with the energy.  I thought about the past 48 hours.  I/we’ve been clearing much and for some… death.  This would also include the fear of death, fear of life, endings and change.

One might have also recently received a message/warning of an upcoming loved one’s departure.  Yes, please do take this serious but I also hold these loosely.  Death is a very personal decision and can change as to when and how.  At times it’s to get one ready so that when it happens, you can see the divinity of the moment (verses shock, deep sorrow, anger, etc.).  And from receiving the message you might just make some changes that add to the quality of the moments you do share with another here and now.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, I am sorry.  Period.  It can be profound.  I do wish to say that our loved ones have been, well received.  Since each is having their own experience know that even anger/sorrow/shock is appropriate. From what I felt today though, a joyful party/celebration is going on and they also seem excited to assist us here in new ways soon.

Both yesterday and 11/11 are like lightworker days for sure with all the 1’s = new beginnings.  Off and on for several days now I’ve been feeling heart break/pressure/burn/expansion energy.  It can be perceived as pain yet it is not.  Breathe, send love and allow/be patient.

I’ve also been clearing/understanding some interesting topics.  Lies/lying, stealing or the thought that something has been taken.  Even some, this is mine; being possessive.  Wooziers, lol.  I may write more on this later because they are very real topics and there is a merging/spiritual perspective.  Also been clearing (again!) poverty mentality.  We have got to stop with this lack thinking.  Please…?!  Well, I AM.

A few other things have been reviewed, too.  Like, Lightworker = work.  I chuckled.  Yup!  One works on self, with others and often in trying to get a business/services up and running.  It is a lot of, work.  Try being… a being of light.  You.  So simple it’s hard at first.  This is knowing that there is no need to fix another.  Each is having their own divine experience and while some will help thousands/millions… for many of us we will help where, when and as needed.  This is enough.  And… that there is a way since many lightworkers are leaving their old/traditional job and starting anew.  Some are exceling already – yah… and some not.  Why?  Well, just a perspective… if you’re trying to work/provided services like you worked your non-lightworker job (yet it was)… the Universe/Spirit/Guidance may wish to have a private conversation with you.  It seems obviously but don’t forget your own skills.  You may be supported in a different way (verses having to charge clients or paying for an office).   This is definitely a time to think outside the box and we each came with a way that, it will work.  It’s probably not though what one thinks/traditional.  Remain open.

Okay.  Enough for now.  I’ll leave you with these songs that came to my attention today.  Mirrors – listen to the lyrics and think of the spiritual slant.  The other two can be very cathartic/healing/supportive:

And… ahhh… I saw a slither of the moon this evening.  It seems like too many dark nights.  Be open to bliss again tomorrow… or right now 🙂    ❤ ya!

2 comments on “Bliss Energy

  1. Hello! Thank you for the thought provoking post. I find a thread of parallel truths that are woven together between those of like vibration that leads to very similar experiences/thoughts, albeit in various personal circumstances. It is wonderful to feel the energies of the moment that surround oneself when we place our awareness in the moment. When we keep as clear of a nonbiased mental state as we can, accept what is felt/percieved as ourselves, and know our reaction can be a positive compassionate one, our lovelight is felt by all in our surroundings and beyond.

    I see lightworkers as light beacons. Built like a lighthouse, with window shutters open and light blazing in all directions. We stand firm on the shore as waves of outer circumstances batter us. We shine a bright light to help those lost navigating the sea of life, so that they may reach the shore of joy and compassion. Then they can realize they are a beacon as well. Can you see that bright day? Your picture with the light shining through the clouds gave inspiration to me. Thanks!

    And the moon was beautiful, along with Venus very nearby. Both in the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius. Blessings to all as you shine your lights!


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    • Hello David! Thank you for reading AND commenting. Your words very much resonated. You just summarized this blog in some ways – I’m part Atlantis/mermaid and live along the coast 🙂 So well spoken/written/wise. Great to connect and I thank you. Shine On!

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