111 Sun Rise


Well… I started writing this on Tuesday, 11/1 but…

Life is happening!  It seems like this has been a busy week on many different levels.  It has been a bit up and down energy wise/mentally/emotionally and physically.  You may be feeling the energy targeting an area of your body.  Sleep has also been interesting.  It may be more, less or broken and having to take a nap.  I fell into a lucid state the other day yet my travels were bizarre and then sleep took over.  And static electricity… pow!  We are energetic beings and sparks, in a good way, are flying.  Today, the energy feels… great!

Some though may be feeling some discomfort in reality.  Discomfort just shows you where something might be, off.  Yes the Universe has a strange way of showing us things but it does work.  When one doesn’t see/change/step up, Spirit/an experience sure does seem to.

Step into the vibration you seek.  And while I can say be open, I was even reminded that we get thinking… and we don’t think high or broad enough.  Dream… make intentions, general or specific, yet remain open.  Think loose.  Ask the Universe to help you think outside the box/this world.  Then stop thinking and do something… anything!  Preferably something you enjoy, would make you laugh or is a bit outside your comfort zone.  Fake it till you make it if need be.  What you want is there but we have to get up to speed with seeing it.  So… set the energy into motion; momentum.

We do have to try… again and again!  What is meant to be will, click.  Try a variety of things and from your unique, authentic self.  Then watch the Universe support you when you do this.  The Universe though may ask you to stretch a bit.  Ah the energy of change.

Many write that your current actions benefit your past self, and that your future self is passing along the wisdom to you here and now.  Well… I had two thoughts.  What if your future self is also figuring it out?  While they are wiser…  Maybe your future self needs a reminder, lol.  And what if this is not so linear.  For example… if you are not having fun right now… what can you do to assist you now, including your other selves (past and future if you wish to think linear).  Why wait?  Seriously… why??

Look at the changes that have happened to you in the past few months.  All are signs.  Where have you been placed?  What has happened?  How can you use the experiences as reminders?  While you may have a goal in mind, often we plant seeds for the future.  We let go and move on.  Balance the goal/knowing with the here and now… in your heart and then your mind.  Well, once you balance it in your heart, you might not need to in your mind; it becomes automatic/easy/joy.

So here’s a bit of the random I started to write on for the week.  Buffet style – take what serves you and thanks for reading!

In a morning meditation I heard, wait till the coast is clear.  Ha, good pun living along the coast here.  So apply where this fits into your journey/story.  We are though often looking for that moment in time where we see and seize an opportunity.  Keep looking 🙂

One might feel at times that they arrive a bit early yet know not to venture off; to stay close.  You review the itinerary, breathe and smile.  The event or bus will be staring/leaving soon.

I have been seeing sings of big things on the move.  And oh boy, I must be back, fully amongst the living as a few things came into my energy this week.  With one of them, I turned inwards asking, do I alchemize… this I then chuckled.  Sometimes crap = crap… stay out of it.  Yup.  Good advice and moving on!

And… one more balance reminder.  There are times to disconnect and pull in and… times to live, take what you’ve learned and use/apply it.  One can get so absorbed in a spiritual journey, they ignore their reality.  Make sure you come up for air on this journey.  I often think of the common phrase, family 1st.  They need you, too.  Share your time, gifts and presence with others.

Wishing all a wonderful weekend.

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