3 comments on “Regina Spektor

  1. I cannot listen at work, so I will have to imagine a beautiful angelic voice. Hope you are having a good day. I have had plenty of Tea already. Almost break time at work. Work is slow enough that I am browsing the web. Hope you enjoyed Halloween! Keep on shining the light! Keep on keeping the light.

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    • I am having an awesome day and hope you are, too! Lucky to be able to browse (at work) and thanks for reading. I remember you and tea. Thanks so much for checking in and your kind words. ❤ the, keep shinning the light, like the song you told me of, Candle on the water. I love you!!

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    • At your at work?? I am listening to this playlist again and got to the LIGHT song and started thinking of you. I know you like K pop though….
      Hope you are having a great day. ❤

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