Wow and not sure where to start.  The past 24 hours… well… so much is available!  The 11/11 Portal is WIDE OPEN.  And the time shift seems to also signify a larger shift.  We will not be falling back though.  We are LEAPING forward.  This is not one more hour in the dark, it’s time to shine!  Even if you don’t channel or hear messages, remain open.  Now might be your time.

I’ve been getting messages on the Book of Life/Records, from the Pleiadians and having very deep reunions in the astral – returning with tears streaming and my body shaking… awakening, again!  The energy feels powerful and mystical.

Years ago I received messages from the Pleiadians (and Arcturians and…Federation of Light and…) but made it clear that I didn’t do, aliens nor spacecraft, etc.  We both seemed to chuckle.  I’d received messages from Guides/Angels/Souls who’d crossed over and general (no name) energy and never even heard of these energies so I was a bit surprised when I discover many did channel these energies.  So this was taking me outside of my comfort zone a bit.  These energies though do not have to be alien like.  Many of their teaching are so deeply rooted in love and simplicity.  Now, they were telling me there are many councils.  I did assume Pleiadian was just, Pleiadian but we have gone multidimensional.  So I looked it up and found information on the council of 7 & 9 as popular searches and then headed off to bed.  I thought to myself, there must be an 11 and 12 and my ears started ringing like crazy and while I don’t remember the conversation, I was told a bedtime story, lol.

The Book of Records/Life/Akashic Records wishes all to know that it’s wide open and wishes to be read.  For me I’ve felt, at times, the library’s been closed.  As if inventory or extended maintenance was being conducted.  While you can practice in meditation, often at night, right before I fall asleep, Spirit slips in as my mind is tired.  So… be like a kid.  Listen to the bedtime story.

So I anticipate information coming forward for all.  For some, it will flow fast and easy.  For others… be patient.  There is no rush and not much is urgent.  It can though feel huge or urgent.  Breathe, enjoy and note.  It can take days/weeks to receive/understand/share.  This is why so many have been going through some pretty significant changes/upgrades for several months now.  And interesting but the word fate seems to be a common theme.  Fated times are ahead.  🙂

One other tidbit I’ll pass along and then back into life AND this amazing energy for me.  Many write on twin flames.  Some time ago I knew we didn’t have one… but many.  And we have even more soul mates – a lot of love on this journey.  In the end though, we do have, one.  They all lead back to Source.  Source is our ultimate self/twin flame.  As one travels, you may meet one of many twins out there in the multiverse.  The reunions are divine and will not only remind you but change you.  Yet… if you’re in a relationship with your current soul/twin mate here and now… it might make it seem a bit… confusing/ho-hum.  Well, your current mate has many higher selves that are begging to merge/come in.  Pull them in.  While there will be some endings/splits/etc., for many of us we are with the right ones.  Continue to ascend, together.  Better together.  ❤

Oh I am having so much fun with this.  All of this.  YOU…??

16 comments on “Holy SHIFT!

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  2. Not sure that fun is how I’d describe it, although I have a feeling that my not incarnated bits would describe like that. Needing to do massive purging in my house. Massive! Started it the other day, but just looking at all of it gets so overwhelming.

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    • Oh trust that I have been there! Just do piece/peace by piece. My story/analogy – I don’t like weeding and used to find that task overwhelming until I just focused on an area and then moved along… and then was amazed at how beautiful it all was afterwards. Thank you for checking in because these waves affect each differently. Sending a hug, support, help and <3.

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  3. Very GOOD Molly!! I’m feeling some deep intuition…..like something is going to SHIFT/BE ALTERED FOR OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN SOME SURPRISING WAYS!

    Blessings my friend 💞


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