Diamond Light


Honestly I don’t know/remember enough at this time to write on the Diamond Light.  It has nothing to do with the commercial/materialistic, bling bling.  There is information online as well as codes/activations yet I tend to think of these energies/upgrades more naturally.  My piece of sharing is…

if you are seeing triangles, you need to/can convert.  While it may start with a triangle, flip or expand it to a diamond.  You can practice by taking your fingers, making a triangle shape and then expanding.  ◊  It does/may involve heart work.  It may start with a heart cleanse including random childhood memories, fondness/nostalgia.  Enjoy and see where it takes you.

At times we ask for things from the Universe.  I’ve found I often first get an upgrade/the energy.  Then… one will act/create.  One might think they are not manifesting because you don’t see what you asked for but, you are.  You are manifesting empowerment.

Words (books/articles/conversations) have helped me in my journey but not so much with this.  Yet from looking at a few pics… my body seemed to calm and allow.  So this is why mandalas do work.

I often and literally stumble into the, next.  With practice grace does come.  So… this is just a seed/short reminder/visual post for those who may need  🙂

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Oh and … it can also assist in connecting to the crystal grid.  While I could write more here, for now I will pause.  Step by step… in love and light.


Then, synchronistically, this was mentioned to me.  Cremated remains into a diamond:  http://canyouactually.com/diamonds-are-forever

4 comments on “Diamond Light

  1. Love the pictures! A few years back, when my son was having trouble falling asleep, my dear psychic sister-friend told me to paint my son’s amygdala a few different colors, ending with blue. Then I was to put 4 pillars of white light around his head. I really had no idea what I was doing, so I just stood next to his bed (I might have been giving him Reiki too), and did it all in my mind. The next thing I knew, I saw (in my mind) light shoot out of the bottom of the 4 pillars and snap together in the middle (just below what would be a box if you had these pillars represent the 4 corners), and sent a beam of white light into earth, grounding him. The next night, I did the same thing and after the light grounded him, I saw light shoot out of the tops of the 4 pillars, coming together just above the “box,” and then shooting straight upwards connecting into the crystal grid. I received the words diamond light, as light from the ends of the 4 pillars came together in the center of the box shape, which was in the middle of my son’s head. I received the knowledge that he was connected to diamond light and connected into the crystal grid. I had to Google crystal grid, because I wasn’t quite sure what it was. And I’m still working on understanding all of the facets of diamond light. It blew my little human mind. When I told my girlfriend what happened, she giggled, telling me that all she had to do was point me in the direction, and I was off and running.

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