Time to Expand


I’ve started several posts – each one I had such passion for and then… it faded.  So this might be mirroring the energy.  So I decided to start fresh and keep this simple.  I’d asked for an informational dream, like what is going on, now and it was riddled with symbolism.  Oh how I love it.  After being awake an hour though, I knew the heart of the dream.  It was about, EXPANSION.  To get out of any situation that one might felt a bit, cramped.  So this will be a short post passing along the reminder and to let you know I AM thinking of you. 

I will also share that a few months ago a falcon showed up at the edge of our property.  It was a treat.  Ends up she built a nest and I’ve been watching the baby fly with the mom.  This has been almost impossible to photograph so I just enjoy.  Simple, majestic and serene.  The hawk’s song/sound is a cry/expression of freedom.  It can get your attention and pierce your heart, in a good way.  And think of their vision.  Being so high and able to see so far below.  Flying with ease and grace.

While many will be entering a cave this winter to do some deeply personal work, for many of us, it’s time to explore, create, expand our wing and horizons and soar!  Ready…?  I think, yes 🙂  It is our nature and to some extent our survival/livelihood depends upon it.

Explore, create, play, expand and fly in LOVE.  ❤

UPdate:  Spirt is subtle today.  It seems to be a day of a-ha’s and those slip in messages.  They are powerful yet so calm.  Be open to receive.

(1st picture found online, others my attempts)


And… oh strange synchs to a prior post that later was brought to my attention  🙂  117… 711  ∞



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