The random


Oh where to start.  The more serious/organized posts my mind/body/soul just can’t seem to work on right now.  I feel Spirit and it’s like staying up late with a friend you haven’t seen in years; time just doesn’t matter.  So this post might just be like one of those conversation where you jump around and discuss as much as you can in a short period of time.  And speaking of time… Spirit seems to be giving more than I have time to write.  Writing short and to the point is a gift and art.  So I practice…

The past few days have been full of signs, dreams, messages, feelings and LIFE.  I’ve been getting a lot of short messages like, Accelerated timeline anchored in.  All choices supported.  Yippee!  And… Don’t worry about the timing, trust that it will be perfect.  I have seen this so I trust and relax into life… aka, patience and a smile.  And… It was to be this way.  Now, with that one, a small or huge sigh of relieve may come.  These messages are really for all so apply/take what serves you.

I will say, choose your thoughts and energy wisely… they are the gateway to your, next.  This is the unfolding.  This is what many were hoping for in September (with that energy blast) or even last year/etc.  So enjoy the unfolding.  This will continue… possible for several more weeks/months.  Well, forever.

The other day as I went to read a website, my vision then became cloudy; I wasn’t able to read the words.  I paused, took a deep breathe and asked, what should I be looking at/for?  I was then guided to another page.  And I smiled.  On that page a few select words were in bold and trust that they got my attention.  They were actually words used often in the spiritual arena yet were used on the website more in their traditional meaning.  Spirit had never done this before so I thought I’d share.  We are guided.  Let your soul guide/show you.

We are also guided to where we need to be/reside.  Often one will reside in a place that also supports their fear(s).  Of floods, tornadoes, crime, fire, war, “small/different minded”, etc.  Anything that might trigger you.  Why?  To release the fear… to heal/know.  To work through it.  It might be easier to just, move but often the situation then reappears.  For many we are asked to acknowledge, dig deep and change… ourselves.

I do wish to share the other evening on the news (yes, I do watch; blend 3D with all) an increase in suicide rates was mentioned and in particular, amongst middle schoolers.  I paused for a moment knowing these are a fellow soul and our future lightworkers.  The teen years are/can be challenging enough.  Like have you been in a middle school recently?  It’s like high school or the real world… while some are very well organized, it can be an overwhelming place.  So it’s about the little things.  Even if you don’t have a teen at home, let’s keep children/teens on our radar.  A smile or simple comment/reminder can do wonders.  And if you do have them at home, offering “meditation” moments/experiences and a safe haven.  And bless all parents who are doing the best they can.

Okay… I end on a odd topic, lol.  Hangnails.  Yup.  I tried to google and find the symbolism.  I didn’t find much.  A hangnail is defined as:  a piece of skin torn away from, but still attached to the base or side of a fingernail.   Can I just say that they do cause discomfort and a bit of nerve to remove because it can be painful, yet then, once removed, relief.  So what can a hangnail represent/teach you?  The definition might just hold the answer.  It’s like an overgrowth that’s not supposed to be there; there’s no room for it.  Personal grooming/maintenance/time is needed and at times a professional.  🙂  What I will say is our body is our temple, messenger and has much to teach us.  Listen.

So enough for now.  Thank you for reading.  Breathe and proceed.

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