Good day sweet souls.  How are you?  I write with a smile on my face.  Yesterday I spent most of the day in exploration and play mode.  Anchoring in love, awe, appreciation and joy.  Spirit told me some time ago, I don’t do politics.  And then I agreed.  I still agree yet…

I do healing… allowing and in this climate, politics is on many minds and stirring in plenty of hearts.  A week ago Spirit pointed out to me all of the good that this recent election in the US has done and that’s all I see.  Politics can divide – a winner, a loser… right verses wrong, tallying numbers… oh my.  It doesn’t sound Spiritual yet it can be.  Believe that love will concur all and that truth will surface.  So if you voted in love and peace… you did enough and won!  Well, no matter what, you won.  We are alive, breathing and here to be who we are.  This a time of trust and going into the unknown… ha, always.  There are times though where we feel/see more that gives us the sense of comfort.

Politics can though be a release, a way and an awakening in itself.  Lightworkers/all are stationed here, here and now for a reason.  By allowing and being patient one can support this awakening.  Many are so far removed from this energy and that’s also, divine.

Often, it’s not about The issue.  It may be mirroring or triggering something that runs much deeper.  So if you’re sad, angry, shocked, anxious… feel it.  Allow and ask, what’s driving this?  Emotions are one of a thousand reasons why we are here, teachers and can heal you.

Could politics be a mirror of family dynamics?  Transparency, being honest, inclusion, being consistent, feeling love and safe…?

In general, some test frequencies have been sent in the past week or so.  Seeing how your body/frequency responds.  What lessons do you need a bit more practice with.  Where might you be a bit stuck/blocked/not knowing.  Allow the Universe to tune you up.

I’ve talked many who’ve had some personal epiphanies here recently.  It’s as if a mini-class has been in session and we now get to see and know why a lifelong theme has been there.  We are forever changed by coming to this a-ha.  So step back and look at what situation, random conversation or even email/youtube showed up in your mailbox.  Pointing the way to a healing/understanding.  This is a time to feel safe, supported and allow what needs to surface, to surface.  I also think of those we travel with.  Many are supporting us in now feeling safe enough to do this type of work.  While it’s 11/9… remember you’re not in a 911 state of emergency.  (Or are you?)

I’ve been having many small a-ha’s so I share that the times when I’ve been dialed in, Spirit will make it pretty clear that every choice has many positive outcomes/benefits.  Guidance often points out paths I’d never think of.  So even what might not seem appealing, becomes appealing.  Very appealing.  Like the lightbulb goes off.  When feeling more human, our brain seems to hem/ha, pro/con and at times just say, no.  Oh to have that higher thought train all the time.  Yet on the journey, this does happen… slowly.  We are seated on that train – it’s a choice and becomes who we are and a way.  So… all aboard and full steam ahead!

For many, new skills and knowing’s have been given these past few months yet… are we using/practicing/taking a step in that direction?  It can be easy to forget.

Many did come here to write – to be a Scribe and Master.  There are so many dimensions where words are not used.  This is a skill/craft and we’ve been practicing for thousands of years/lifetimes.  We take for granted the art of writing, our brains and all of the ways we have here to communicate.

So this is enough for now.  I thank you for reading and doing all that you do in your own unique and wonderful way.  Life is good!   Much  ❤


(Picture found online.  Unsure of original source, Fine Art America imprinted.)

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  1. Yes!

    During the lead up to the election, I saw one of the candidates in particular as representing those things that give us an opportunity to pick other than. He is the big contrast. And I naively thought it would be over yesterday. When it wasn’t, I was reminded that so many people are still asleep, needing 4 years of strong contrast to give more people opportunities to wake up.

    As I watched election returns here on the west coast, I felt sick as I fell into bed. But yesterday, with it all said and done, I felt eerily peaceful inside. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

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