White Light

(For wordpress readers, sorry… in white light one hits the publish button too soon, lol.)

I’ve been seeing sings for a, white out which google defines as:  (of vision) become impaired by exposure to sudden bright light.  I chuckle.

Even today, outside, white or… what one might think, overcast.  Think, a warm security blanket.  Many are anchoring in the 11/11 energy… even more.  A new canvas.  For some though, blinding truth may be incoming.

For over a year now I’ve found myself wearing sunglasses more often, at times even around the house.  As one’s 3rd eye/pineal gland opens, you may find yourself squinting a bit.  A lot is going on in our brains and body as we awaken more.  The lights are coming on.

In meditation I’m often surprised what question(s) surface. Today I asked Spirit, what’s my blind spot?  What is one ready to see?  I heard one word: Truth.  I smiled.  In my journey, finding truth became a process and an important step.  And then, I realized that one doesn’t even hold on to, truth.  It is forever changing.  We do though have to remain true and faithful to our heart and path… as it unfolds.

The other day I asked for a feather as a sign and for it to land in a particular spot.  Well… I got a different sign in that, spot and chuckled.  Two whirling seeds.  PERFECT… symbolism.


Let’s continue to whirl, plant seeds and anchor in the new.  The light, love and our own personal way and truth.  Bright times are here and now.

(Small heart shaped pool in 1st pic… reminders everywhere.)