Dream Portal Open


Well… it is, always.  It just seems like I am/we are having more reunions and now nightly symbolic dreams. In the past I’d write down a question and it might take 2-3 nights before I could remember a dream.  Well, not now.  I write down a question, go to sleep and bam!  Very detailed ones.  Awesome.  And the reunions… ohhh… so powerful!

I’ve loved dreams and attempting to interpret them for 15+ years.  Often a breakfast discussion is what was dreamt the night before.  At larger family gathering, some of us step aside to have a mini-dream discussion/workshop.  And it’s funny, you know you take dreams serious when you have 50+ emails, yet when the title says, dream, that’s the one you read first.

Ever notice that AM makes up dream.  I AM a dreamer; we all are.  And there are so many types of dreams and ways to interpret them.  It can be you in another time/space.  You get a sneak preview since the energy matches.  The confusing thing is, it may look very different but when you break it all down, the issues/energy are the same.  So you can look for clues, like what where you doing and who were the characters.  I have found that when people present in dreams, often it’s not about that specific person.  It is about that kind of energy (mother, father, child, friend, boss, etc.).  And trust that the Universe wants us to remember our dream so at times they can make them quite bizarre or even feel a bit alarming.  They do want us to, wake up… and remember.

I keep a small notepad and pen by my bed.  I’ve awoken so many times certain I’d remember yet if I don’t jot down a few words, often I don’t.  It does help to either discuss dreams out loud or write them down/type them up… or, both.  It’s interesting how our brain works and what might surface as you remember.  Dream dictionaries can help yet really, you are the best decoder.  And at times it can take days for you to allow the a-ha of what a dream really meant.  Often it’s simple yet our mind can go into overdrive/over analysis.  Dream energy can also come back in meditation or play out in signs that surround you.

Okay, switching gears here a bit.

I will also say that Galactic (light) codes are incoming.  This may be a very interesting 3 day (for many) weekend.  Often I see signs when these upgrade weekends come to go slow but I can’t say that I have this time.  I do know that so many are having their own unique experience so some will feel no thing and other might be in bed sleeping/dreaming/working away.  They will show (in your reality) any areas where you are stuck.  If you physically feel them, aka the flu (Frequency Light Upgrades), take this as a good thing.  Trust your body and process.  It won’t last forever.  Take care of yourself.

Awakening can seem like a thunder bolt.  Some are experiencing this now.  For me, awakening then became about baby steps.  Take a moment to check your vibration.  Who you are now.  It might not register in your mind.  You aren’t even the person you were yesterday.  Then let go and trust.  Be open and allow it to flow through you, to move you.  No expectations or needs since this can often limit your experience.

So… here we go kiddoes.  Into 11/11, a full moon on the 14th and… Happy Veterans Day.  Thank you for your service.  Blessings to all!



All picture found online.  First one: Dream Big Art Print by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

13 comments on “Dream Portal Open

  1. This reminded me of the dream I had last night. I was surrounded by bears and initially I was afraid but when I woke up I realized that the bears were symbolic of course and I felt a bit of growth from the dream because I recognized, I was aware of the dream and what it meant! Thank you for posting about this today. You are always on time!

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