Okay Kiddoes’!  These are very interesting times indeed.  This 11/11, full super moon… real time, NOW experience…  I know that whatever I AM experiencing is also a vibration of a larger group.  So as usual, this post does not cover, all – just a perspective.  This can be a weekend for anchoring, upgrading, reunions and bliss.  Yet, for many it’s a weekend to work through something, big.  It might be politics, a personal/family tragedy, a natural disaster… it can be anything.  This seems to be a time to balance, all.  Both the experience (3D/your reality) and all that you know/have learned/become.  And then to pull in the, new.

It is definitely a time to breathe, go slow, pull in and act from your heart and knowing.  There are messages available showing the higher plan/timelines that are trying to anchor in.  One might need to remind themselves to disconnect from the internet/situation and pull in… again and again.  I had a day where I did this many times and by the end of the day, it did all balance.  Yet, then it started all over again the next morning, so… one continues until you know and hold the energy you wish.  This is not a test.  This is real and you can do it.

Surrender is part of this journey.  Surrender is not what we do as the last thing, after we have tried all of our (old) ways.  Surrender is the first thing we do.  Knowing that a grand and divine plan is unfolding and fighting against it is exhausting/an energy leak.  We let go of needing and controlling.  So whatever problem/drama/crisis/wondering what’s next… surrender into it.

Surrender is not a bad thing yet I will admit it was not part of my life, before.  The word meant nothing to me.  It was keep working hard for anything one wanted.  No waving a white or red flag.  Surrender becomes a way and often takes practice.

So meditate (even if for 15 minutes) in bed before you arise or with the rising son.  Take a break during the day, rest, take a hot shower and/or get in nature.  Then meditate or walk it out again with the setting sun.

Too much intake of anything can cause obesity.  This is about flowing.  Your family, community and the world needs you and your gifts.  Step back from anything that causes confusion, discomfort, pain, anxiety (verses continuing to absorb/endure) and check in.  Listen.  While many are now vocal/need to express, there is something to silence.  Choose your truth and reality.

For some, we’ve been told of how we’ll be in service over the next few weeks.  It’s probably not what we thought.  At times we just need to, show up.  We trust.  We know enough and know we’ll be guided to the, next.  We don’t go to fix anything because nothing is broken; it was to be this way.  Many situations are also very fluid.  Flexibility is so needed.

In 2012, an awakening wave happened.  It sent many into a place of deep soul searching and could be referred to as a cave.  It might have seemed to some like, where did all the lightworkerg go?   Four years later… an uprising to assist in this awakening wave that is happening all around us.  And it often happens in anger, sadness and even chaos.   Yet we are not this vibration.  We are needed right now and often it’s in small and subtle ways… (yet they are not).  Yet… one can’t hear the call (of the higher plan) if one is in the vibration of whatever needs to first be known/cleared.

I may even be “off the grid” here soon doing some, “work”.  At times lightworkers are placed on standby.  Assisting in anchoring in a new grid in deep love and joy.  I will say though that I am human and it’s taking me a few days to balance all of the energy needed.

Last night I stood under the almost full moon and found myself, rocking.  Softly swaying from side to side.  I felt, surrender.  I then felt my heart open… so wide that it open my entire body/being.  I could feel a ripple affect in other time/spaces.  I knew that everything was perfect… as it should be.  There was peace.  There was, now.  Check your state of being/essence.  Are you open or… closed/tight?  Something amazing and wonderful is happening.  Can you feel it?  Are you assisting in creating it?

Wherever you are in your journey, it is unfolding perfectly.  Breathe, open, honor… and know love.  I love you and thank you for reading.


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13 comments on “Surrender

  1. You are too sweet, how did I miss this!?
    I’ll tell you how…I have felt right down flaky, not sure what dimension I’m in….lol
    ❤️ You Miss Molly❤️
    P.S. I had do go through the blogs to find this, teehee! 😜

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  2. My Dear Soul Sister, and that you ARE, THANK YOU! This was wonderful to read, and now I shall indeed SURRENDER, I do this often, but that’s what it takes sometimes, Surrender over and over and over again!
    Blessings my friend, I ❤️ U

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    • Ha, yes… it was like how many times in a day could I? Well, it takes however many times as it takes. Sweet dreams AMAZING Annette. The new is coming in. We have much to look forward to. ❤

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  3. I have received a few messages through these recent energies, “full speed ahead” as well as “answer the call”. I attended a alchemy crystal bowl mediation on 11/11 and as the bowls were playing felt surrounded by a vortex of energy and received a light language message. The peace I felt after It was completed was amazing. The messages coming through both auditory and visual let me know all is well.

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    • Durinda, I love it when you check in. This is Awesome!! And I ❤ crystal bowls!! With so much (potentially) going on… depends on what's on one's radar, that call can be missed. Our thought and actions (including no action) are so important right now. And these short messages are just as good as the longer/more detailed ones. All is well… really well!! So step by step, here we go! And haha, the other day I got "full steam ahead". Yup! ❤ you!! 🙂


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