down, UP, down…


what is this boot camp…?  Gheez, the energy has been pressing a bit this afternoon/evening.  Not all will be feeling this.  Some may be in a great place.  So for those who are feeling it… we will be UP again here soon… very soon.  See what surfaces, note it and let it go.  At this point, what seems to work is connecting and laughing.  So I’ll also share this…

Ha, and posted on 11/11 at 11 a.m.

It’s been raining here all day so not sure if dancing under the moonlight will be happening but it is about intention.  Choose light and peace.  Remember your happy thoughts and plans.  Get a good night’s sleep.  We start again, tomorrow!

❤ and hugs and let’s be ready to jump, again!


Update:  Send out laughter.  Please.  There’s a giddy vibe available.  Laughter = contagious laughter.  My signs today have been for love yet also for control, urgent, slamming, tough news/no news/communication, releasing (and a few other things)… yet this is not us.  Alchemize!  Pressure can create, diamonds yet just going to joy directly also works wonders!

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