Quantum Jumps


I wrote this last night and planned on publishing this morning but now I also wish to update on the energy.  It’s been a light night of sleep.  🙂  Energy has been running strong since 2 a.m.  One might feel their body heat up and then cool down, an accelerated heart rate, ear ringing, teeth… it could be just about anything and it’s all normal.  I’m not quite sure what today has in store but yesterday I felt information would be funneling through.  So…

Wow, well about 48 hours of one energy and then… it seemed more than a shift yesterday afternoon… it was more like a flip or jump in the energy.  Whatever was being processed/worked through… well, it advanced significantly.  Ah… a quantum jump: a huge, often sudden, increase or change in something.

At first I kept coming to an analogy of a table being flipped.   Whatever was on the table, well…

Well, no worries because the table will be placed back where it’s needed, yet this time cleared.  To see what’s place upon our table (oh singing the Eagle’s Desperado song, lol)… or if/how we decided to use this table… now.  There may be additional jumps ahead, too.  So it seems to be a time to not take much as too serious/solid.  Or… you can.  Shifts have been happening for many for quite some time.  All it may take is one, jump and you realize you are where you need to be.  Jumps can = peace.  These quantum jumps can also have a fast (or slow) ripple effect.  Play with all of this.

With these jumps, what was no is now yes, what was feared is now understood/embraced, whatever was, might not now be… and etc.  They can also bring new energy/passion.

It can also be viewed as/like having a heated discussion with a co-worker on Friday and then anticipating Monday.  Yet by Monday, new understanding and moving forward together happens; a pleasant surprise.  Like saying to yourself, who is this person??  So, prepared to be surprised.  A change of heart has/may/will, happen.  Big changes are happening.  Some will continue to cling to the old and others are/will be soon moving in a very new direction.  Hmm… is this full super moon the notice to the walk-ins/higher self/soul; full steam ahead??

And no wonder neutrality/surrender, works.  With these quantum jumps, you just can’t take a lot of baggage with you.  You have to be flexible, travel light and let go.

For some time many have mentioned/written on what one could call brain fog moments. I’ve often caught myself clicking/spacing out… and then, I am back.  I’ve often thought I was in a different time/space yet no idea where.  The other day though, I was able to see/hear where I was as this happened.  It was so cool.  We are often going forward/different and then sending back ideas of what we’ll need or should choose.  Those times we’ve had those last minute thoughts or actions… yes, you got the message.  For example, ever said, I’ll never do that again… well, it gets noted and often retrieved.

Whatever one worked on in the past few days (or even months), there is a good chance it might come right back to you.  You consciously and/or unconsciously have been transcending it.  Now, reality will start to play out again.  At times we let Nature run it’s course yet we do have many moments/opportunities where we play our part in the grander story.

So let’s see what comes our way.  You will know what to do.  When in doubt… this happens for a reason. 🙂  It feels off… love is your compass and will lead you home in joy.  Trust your heart, soul, Universe… and the jumps.  Are we having fun…?  🙂

Totally unrelated but fun, here’s a morning jam:

… and a funny,  let’s lighten up!  That’s how we jump.  We take all of this too serious.

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