Much Love

So where were we…?   lol    Oh yes, moving forward.  Gheez some deep stuff is surfacing.  Full moons will bring much to light.  I do remember though years ago I was like, it will?  We are exploring possible timelines and making choices.  While this often happens in our sleep state, very much now in our reality.  Often times we are held in a reality/timeline and boy do we feel it… till we can let go. 

At times when we focus on a track, we cut our self off from others.  You might now be able to see where your energy is going/leaking/creating a new pool that simply… it’s your pool to play in.  Yet, it did serve a purpose.

It is a bit surprising to me the amount and layers of healing/transcending that happens on this journey.  It can be a lifetime of.  The past few weeks, many of us have moved into a place of more deep realizations/clearing and healing.  We are just now ready for this.  One may now be able to see what tethers you to the old.  Cutting these cords can be easy… or take time, patience and much love.  At times we look for love in the wrong places.

Well, we don’t have to look far.  Love the one your with… and then in time it extends outward.

For some, we are moving out of react mode when it comes to a few situations.  We don’t even realize that we have hard wired out brain to skip the middle ground (area of peace).  We can rewire/reprogram our brain and new ways of being.  Some of the roles/responsibilities we’ve had for most of our life, we can let go of.  They will not serve us in where we are going.  While that sounds easy, be patient with yourself as you realize/do/practice/play.  We now do in knowing, love and to the best of our ability, so no additional pressure here.  We are asking for new and healthy relationships and it may take time for some of our fellow soul group to come around (if at all) to this.  It is about vibration.  You change yourself.  Thoughts, words, deeds and on the inside, too.  It becomes automatic and this vibration then pulses from you.  It is always very attractive and attracts what you do need.

In the past, I’ve written on, loops.  One can get in a seeking/purging/doing loop.  It is good to stop and come up for air.  To start living.  And, to make time to ponder other paths, too.  This also allows others to have their experience… and you to have your experience.  Call forth your experience because you are ready.  : )  And we can empower another to have their experience in very subtle ways… just by changing our focus a bit.

When one is missing a middle ground/happy place in their mind/state of being, you will see this mirrored in one’s reality.  Always trying to get… over there.  There is no other/over there.  There is here and now though.  Discern on the other person/place/thing vibration.  What is it that draws you?  Create that vibration now.  In you and your reality.  This is not a time to doubt/struggle/feel bad/long for.  Are you needing… on purpose… or being (this, thing)?

We are stepping into the new.  On to the next adventure or… release.  This is a journey to authentic.

Last night I heard a whisper as I fell asleep.  “Grab whatever reality you wish, really they are all false.”  Wowziers!  That will bend you mind a bit.  Yet, I got it.  We do and live what we love.  No choice or path is better than another.  In the big picture, it doesn’t matter.  So we might as well enjoy and do what we feel is best.  For some right now, just breathing is enough.

So thank you Universe for all of it!  We remember, share, change and love.  Your heart and love is always in the right place.  Do what is best for you and your energy and the rest will naturally unfold, happen… and it will be amazing.

Ahh… I can already feel the next vibration coming in so enough for now.  Thanks for reading.    ❤

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