Changing of form

I reblog this now since many have/are going to another side. As if a death/birth passage way has opened and will remain till the end of the year – there does seem to be times when more, go. While the first few paragraphs describe what was going on for me back in June, you can skip to the darker text. Many of us here are being called to assist and partake in this experience. To take it to a higher understanding/level. Blessings and much love!!

2020 Spiritual Vision


I started this blog to offer just a perspective.  My desire was to, inspire.  I offer what I receive from Spirit as a possible reminder, and at times, I teach what I believe, live and have experienced.  Often though, I am just a human being sharing a story.  I have grown so much from blogging.  Each post is an honor and I am truly touched by each interaction.  Thank you for reading, commenting and being a part of my journey; better together. Right now though, in this moment, I am… in a bit of shock. 

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