1/1/1… Here We Come


Yes, the new year is still over 6 weeks away yet… it will be here before we know it.  If you follow along or already know of numerology, you know how to break down the math (2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1, new beginnings).  For many, 2017 will be a year of new beginnings/realities/manifestation/creation/adventures/joy.  It is time for, magic.  For some, they’ll be entering a cocoon as the past few months has shaken quite a bit up.  One could say that it might not be easy work – trust that by the spring, a new will be born. 

It’s a process many have been through as a new body/way/life awakens and… it is worth it.  As for the next 6 weeks… well… I get a sense that…


Really, trying to keep this light.  Please don’t take me… or anything too serious.  We are though entering the holiday time and much is happening.  Both individually and collectively much has already been stirred up.  While we’ve had several large blasts of energy this year, we will continue to have, more.  These blasts = upgrades, a-ha’s and huge clearings/adjustments.  We also really do underestimate how much we have/are doing.

My recent signs seem to be for fast, loud, multiple, large… oh my.  Yet, we’re calm, knowing and smiling often… right??  One might see/feel much yet often we do the opposite.  Where there is anger, we show compassion and love, sadness, joy… and so on.  My signs have also been blue birds of happiness and warm and sunny days (in mid November, I’ll take that)!

For many, we are ready for (the challenge of) these larger energy waves – we’ve been practicing.  No doubt/worry since Spirit has invested much; no drowning.  If though at any point you feel overwhelmed, give yourself permission to slow down or pass on certain activities.  And any anxiety/panic = pull in and patience with self.  You can get to a place of peace.

Some are floating right now.  This can come across as uncertainty but trust that it is not.  One might just need to float for a day or even a few weeks as the new plan is being ironed out/integrating/etc.  Trust the process.

We are being asked to anchor in the, new.  To look at just about everything through this lens/prescription.  In what small (or big) way can you take a situation to the next level?  Often we are the forerunners/pioneers/trailblazers/inventors for the future.  While we can do this externally, often we first have to do this internally.  In silence and patience, much can be discovered.  In meditation one might ask to be guided to, new… now… you.

Ask yourself, what would I be delighted to do?  And then do that.  No excuses.  Find a way or find an excuse.  Now trust, I get it.  I, too, have given every excuse yet if one is not careful, this can become a way of life.  In delight, I AM going to _______.  🙂  It can be so small, simple and perfect!

I’ve also seen a few signs to, stay close.  Hmm.  I am all for adventures and exploring – that is part of the work/joy.  If you feel called, go!  Many will not return to the cave even as winter approaches here in the US.  There are times though when the one(s) who need us the most are within… feet/miles of where we’ve been placed.  So really these signs just might be a reminder to walk with Spirit; stay connected.

As every day, this is a time of gratitude and love.  To breathe and cherish.  To enjoy others company and some quiet moments alone.  Shifts and jumps will continue as well… and so does the story.


Alright Kiddo’s, I’ll share as I can.  Embrace each moment.  ❤


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7 comments on “1/1/1… Here We Come

    • Hi Kay! Great to hear form you. Now is a perfect time to rest and many are wise to do so. We are all at different places and that is a good thing. Sweet dreams and ❤


    • I thought of you in my morning meditation. You just popped in so hope you got a moment of feeling the bliss, too. We are all connected. I also thought, then you’d be delighted to be recluse. There is a power in this, too. Hope it was okay to share and sending warm heart energy 🙂 ❤


  1. How absolutely fascinating and synchronous to read about 1/1/17 and it being a mere six weeks away. Just last week, I was informed by my lovely naturopath that my body is finally in a happy place, digestively. A month previous, he’d muscle tested me and discovered an overgrowth of yeast and several food allergies. With very strict diet and a handful of supplements a few times a day, my body was able to come back into balance. But! I must maintain eating no sugar or grains for another six weeks to allow my body to renew itself (or something like that), so that when I re-introduce offending foods, they won’t cause me trouble. With all of the digestive track issues I’ve been dealing with this past summer and fall, I am hoping that by January, things will have settled down to where I can eat at least some rice with my veggies, protein and a few fruits, without it causing me grief.

    And, as it turns out, I just had an energy healing session (resonance repatterning) for low back issues, and some things that came up (and were shifted) were affecting my digestion and colon. Looking forward to a much happier digestion overall in 2017!

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