There’s a symphony playing

Can you hear it?  I sat in meditation this morning and almost missed it.  At times Spirit is quiet and one moves along.  Yet this morning I waited and then… ahhh… I heard it.  At times on this journey it’s our choice.  What do we choose to hear and… what instrument will one play?

As far as the current energy… it’s interesting – as always.  The energy is a bit…

ADD.  Welcome to the multiverse and much still seems to be settling.  I was thinking of my drafts folder again.  Enough posts started yet not completed.  Like the lost/achieved records of a lifelong singer.  I’ve also seen as several (including myself) having moments of being disoriented.  Which reality are we in?

There are a variety of messages available.  Including from Isis/Greek goddesses, Saints, astral realms and your higher self.  One will often channel these energies.  Some though are hard wiring their brain/heart/body to unity with the Universe for a bit different experience.  We are also in new energies and experiences and one might feel as if you don’t have a reference for… what you can’t describe yet.

Some lightworkes are currently working through some family dynamics.  Also an interesting topic.  A lightworker is often certain they came here to teach/heal/shine their light (to the masses) yet when it comes to working with their immediate soul family… it can be easy to dismiss the lessons/practice/need.  Often we do have to let go/move along until we are strong enough.  Spirit seems to be sending some lessons back around so… do the best you can… in love.

At times certain groups only come together in joy… or the other extreme, in tragedy.  It’s as if Spirit is mixing this up a bit.  Getting individual and groups to come together in both… or more for celebration.  Yes, many already do, do this but if the dynamics have been swayed to one or another, this is about balancing and creating a new vibration.  Again, cultivating new ground.  At times we first do this in our mind, on an astral level and then in our reality, we let it play out.  So with any situation you might be getting to walk into, if you need to, meditate and practice.

Control also seems to be a lesson available right now.  Ha, boy have I been schooled here.  It will become obvious where/when you are trying to control and when you’re in the flow.  Control means that one has something invested and this often results in a lesson. Control actually closes your heart to the unlimited.  So happy discerning, letting go and getting back into the flow.

Some lightworkers are now being surprised at how hard this journey can be.  Awakenings isn’t for sissies.  I, like many, had a period (years/decades) were spirituality was simple and easy yet… life was a real challenge.  I turned to spirituality more to assist.  Wowziers, while many amazing moments I had no idea of the commitment, patience and perseverance needed.  It was not (for me) instant or glam like those motivational speakers of my earlier era made it out to be.  It is LIFE though.  Don’t go back to sleep.  I can say that it does get easier and I am forever grateful for each day of this journey.  Many are or will, in time, take their worse moments and turn them into a new moment, story or song… a beautiful one.  You are also ready to pull your next blessing to you.

I recently gave a hug to another and heard, crystals waking up.  Oh I love these moments when Spirit steps in/knowing is known.  I then had an a-ha that seemed obvious, as if I should have known this years ago.  For some time many have written on the star seeds, crystal, rainbow, indigo, etc. kids – how they came in as waves/in time.  Ha – what if we are all, all of this.  An awakening is waking up our inner child/being.  These aspects were to remain dormant till a certain time/place.  Our adults awakening is just awakening who we are, and now we connect and remind.

Guidance has been schooling me on anchoring in a new grid.  It’s always been here.  At times we go to a spot and feel the energy that’s active there.  And then we bring that energy to another place that needs it.  We do this all the time, unconsciously.  It is also cool to do it consciously.  We each are a vortex/crystal… oh I could use so many other words.   Many have been working on a grid in the astral and it’s now time to play in reality.  Some do ceremonies and leave crystals/stones/etc.  While this is awesome, you don’t have to leave anything for Mother Earth.  She is self sustaining.  You… your energy… is enough.  You are the crystal/energy.  Often though when I go to locations, I leave shells and sometimes with little messages.  Usually they’re spots were a shell wouldn’t be normally found.  I do leave them for humans.  They are the ones who need them.


Years ago I walked a trail with a family member and she called me recently to tell me she found one of our (now faded) shells.  Pretty cool.

Okay… also sharing a video.  Come alive like this young man:

And a song:


Have a great weekend.  There is much we have to be thankful for.  ❤

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  1. Fascinating about what you write about us working on a grid. An intuitive friend of mine fairly recently told me that I’ve been traveling lately, doing something of this sort I believe. Between last June through September, I was in Florida, back to WA, to Maine, to Wa to Oregon and home to WA.

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