We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming


This is not urgent nor a warning.  This is just in fun/gest… well, sort of.  Today has flown by and I just told myself I was going to get off my laptop and shut down for the evening.  Well… the energy is high and can be felt as intense or even a push so, I am back at my laptop for a quick checking in.  If you’re feeling it, too, you are not alone.  Breathe, go slow, keep it simple.  This is an interrupting to anything that we are in the routine of/our 3D program.  So please stand by because messages/guidance/change will be incoming… in dreams, signs, knowing, reality, etc.  For now though, we anchor in this, dose.  And while we’ll return to our program here soon, probably not the same. 

If feeling these energy waves are new to you, don’t try to make sense of it.  You’ll have time to do that later.  And haha… or possibly not, 11/19… in reverse 9111, like a mix of 911 and 111… or 111 we are 9/done with the old.  🙂  This energy is running the extreme.  Some are feeling as stress/anxiety/irritability/tough/pain/sadness/confusion to… joy/bliss/floating/laughter/knowing.  For some, they’ll need to sleep.  I am happy to be in a peaceful bliss… so join me.

I’ll write more soon but for now, we open up our hearts, relax and enjoy.  These are not just words to read.  Practice opening your heart… relaxing your body, the muscles… and being happy.  Dance around the house/apartment, watch a comedy or listen to a singing bowl track.  Let your soul lead.  Then, sweet dreams and we’ll see what tomorrow brings!  ❤

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