Gratitude, Humility & Love

Tomorrow… brought a serving of humble.  While it’s been a while, I’ve written on humility before.  Humility is powerful.  It makes what’s important so crystal clear.  So as many of us move forward, we might have just had a dose dished our way.  Enjoy!  Really, it doesn’t get much better.  Much is written on claiming one’s greatness and this is part of the journey yet, humility is just as important.  So I came to three words last night:  Gratitude.  Humility.  Love.  That was what’s important and might just be my mantra for this Thanksgiving week.  You wouldn’t think a (spiritual) person would need this reminder, but…

We really do take so much for granted.  We really do get caught up in so much that just isn’t important.  And, we really do limit ourselves when it comes to both receiving and giving, love.  Life can be so simple and good.  Oh to appreciate.  I then fell asleep which is a whole other topic/story/post.


While my mind had been whirling on all these awesome posts I wished to write, if nothing else, this was the one I needed to write.  The other post just weren’t as important.  Humility is a part of this journey and it’s hard to describe yet, you’ll know in the moments.  It’s as if everything slows down and all you are/there is, is knowing and peace.  There is no push to do anything because you remember.  I often find it in meditation, in nature and as I spend time with friends.  Such a respect and reverence.  It can be a huge reset.

I wish I could describe what caused the moment in my everyday reality.  When I first started blogging, I’d been privately writing for some time and it had been therapy.  I have though shared much of my personal journey through blogging.  It was almost as if a challenge and lesson in itself.  Could I?  What I found was, when I did allow myself to be honest and vulnerable, many did connect and resonate with the stories I shared.  The past few months though, I’ve found I don’t need to share as much of my personal life on the w w w.  Again I’ve had a wave of, maybe I should just go ghost/understanding why some do.  Many of us are being prepared… and our work doesn’t have that much to do with being online.  We are taking the online word to a new level/meaning.

Basically… any moment is an invitation to slow down, look around or be… and wake up.  To open our hearts… or have then opened.  A time to connect and shed what isn’t important.  If one’s a bit hard headed, a bigger reminder may come.  At times humility comes in moments of tragedy or loss.  Like you didn’t realize how good you had it or what you took for granted.  The Divine speaks to us in these moments.  Listen.

I am grateful for this moment, for sharing and thank you for reading.  Let us walk humbly and give much thanks and love.  Love is real… a lot of other stuff, not so much.  And in that we can let go and be who we have become.


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